Colorful IKEA step stool – DIY owl

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My white IKEA step stool has been on my DIY upcycling list for ages. Today I would like to introduce you to an exciting upcycling project in which I transformed a simple IKEA BEKVÄM step stool into a colorful and unique highlight. With the edding permanent spray premium acrylic paint and the matching acrylic markers, I transformed the stool into an absolute it-piece in color-blocking style with colorful patterns.

What I used for the project:

The edding permanent spray premium acrylic paint is suitable for many materials such as glass, wood, metal, plastic, basket, paper, ceramics and many more. It can be perfectly combined with the edding acrylic markers.

In order to turn the step stool into a real eye-catcher, I first unscrewed it and sanded it to create a slightly rough surface for the paint.

And let’s go! First, the spray cans must be shaken well. Really good and long! If the cans are new, you still have to remove the red safety ring under the spray head (with the help of a slotted screwdriver). Then the spray is best applied horizontally and in thin layers. For this I have laid out an area on the balcony with cardboard and foil. The spray dries quickly and has great coverage. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, weatherproof and non-fading. In addition, the edding permanent spray offers a wide range of beautiful colors, both in glossy and matt versions.

The edding acrylic markers are now used to give the step stool even more personality. The colors of these markers are perfectly matched to the edding permanent sprays and enable strong color combinations. With the acrylic markers I was able to playfully apply patterns. Less is more in this case, so I only used two colors for the two running boards.

To protect the colors and patterns and to give the step stool a smooth surface, I finally applied the edding clear coat in matt. After drying I was able to put all the parts back together.

And there it is – my individually designed IKEA Bekväm step stool, which is now colorful and a real eye-catcher. With the edding permanent spray premium acrylic paint and the creative possibilities of the acrylic markers, I was able to give the stool a completely new look. The once unassuming item is now a statement piece that suits my personal style perfectly.

In conclusion, all I can say is: Let’s brighten up the world with color and creativity! Happy upcycling!


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