Colorful Lab Nyagra. GeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti with space cat motif released. Mystery has an epic story


From the brand of the company Colorfire, ColorfulMeow (MEOW) graphics card with space cat motif, GeForce RTX 4070 and GeForce RTX 4060 Ti series “MEOW”has been released.

GeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti MEOW Series
GeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti MEOW Series

Colorfire is a high-quality hardware brand for the younger generation that incorporates “cute,” “two-dimensional” and “trend” into their products, while also considering appearance and performance.

The “MEOW” series, released this time, has the following background.

Humans created the “Advanced” space probe to search for habitable extraterrestrial planets. It was warm inside the spaceship, and stray dogs and cats settled there. However, he accidentally left for a distant universe.

Meanwhile, one orange cat touched the “evolution gun” and evolved into an intelligent life form. The laser made all the cats and dogs in the spaceship evolve into intelligent life forms.

The spacecraft arrived safely on a planet with an Earth-like environment, but was damaged in a crash landing. Cats and dogs used “evolutionary guns” to evolve animals on this planet. Hundreds of years later, animals have reached the technological level of humans in the early 21st century.

The orange cat became the leader of the Animal United Nations. The cat learned from information left by humans that the Earth was a beautiful blue planet before the destruction of the environment. The cat still thinks about the soil of his home and is driven by nostalgia.

Many years have passed since then, and the descendants also yearn for the earth and decide to return to their hometown. The plan to return to Earth has begun.

Image character
Image character “Tachibana”

There is such a magnificent story in the background. You may not know what I’m talking about, but this is Nyagra Lab, a space cat like that.

The following two products are the first products.

  • GeForce RTX 4070 Shadow Orange Orange 12G
    5888CUDA / 1920~ 2475MHz / 12GB GDDR6X / 8pin x1
    DisplayPort x3, HDMI x1
    4,799 Chinese yuan (about 95,000 yen in Japanese yen)
  • GeForce RTX 4060 Ti Orange Shadow Orange 8GB
    4352CUDA / 2310~ 2535MHz / 8GB GDDR6 / 8pin x1
    DisplayPort x3, HDMI x1
    3,199 Chinese yuan (about 64,000 yen in Japanese yen)

Both Gravos have the same design, adopting a three-fan GPU cooler based on white and orange.

GeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti MEOW seriesGeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti MEOW series

GeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti MEOW series

GeForce RTX 4070 / RTX 4060 Ti MEOW series

The card is decorated with illustrations of Tachibana’s image character and paws here and there. These grabos are already on sale in the Chinese market. It is not certain whether it will be used in Japan.


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