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Colton Herta’s F1 Super License issue highlights IndyCar evaluation[F1-Gate .com]

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The fact that Colton Herta, who is expected to convert to F1, is not eligible for the F1 Super License has put the spotlight on the FIA ​​(International Automobile Federation) IndyCar rating.

There is growing speculation that Andretti Autosport will buy Alfa Romeo F1 team Sauber, and it is rumored that 21-year-old Colton Herta, who will be competing in IndyCar with the team, will switch to F1 in the near future. ing.

However, despite having six wins and seven pole positions in three years of full participation in IndyCar, Colton Herta has added eight to the 40 Super License points required to obtain an F1 Super License. Not enough points.

Patricio O’Ward believes this is because the FIA ​​gives IndyCar too few points compared to other series.

Asked if he thinks IndyCar is undervalued by the FIA’s Super License Point system, Patricio O’Ward told RaceFans, “That’s true. I fully agree.”

“I think Colton is good enough to compete with the best players in the world, and I think IndyCar has a lot of drivers who can challenge the best players in the world.”

Compared to IndyCar, F2 and even F3 are given more Super License points. F2 has 201 points and F3 has 128 points, while IndyCar has 124 points. The F2 offers 40 points to the 2nd and 3rd place finishers, while the IndyCar scales to 40-30-20.

Patricio O’Ward believes that IndyCar is one of the most difficult championships to win in motorsport and that many drivers can compete in F1.

Patricio O’Ward, who tests McLaren’s F1 car at the post-season test at the Yas Marina Circuit in December, said, “I understand that F1 is considered the highest level in technology and everything. Commented.

“But based on talent, IndyCar isn’t too far away. Probably the same amount of talent as F1.”

“It’s full of very talented people and it’s very competitive, especially now it’s very competitive. In fact, I think it’s undervalued.”

“If there’s definitely a championship that’s hard to win in the world, you’ll probably choose IndyCar just because it’s competitive and there’s no close series. There are so many talented drivers in F1. But I don’t have all the equivalent machines, and only 3-4 cars from two different teams can actually compete for the championship. “

“So I think IndyCar is very undervalued. If I make the rules, I think the top three championships deserve at least 40 points. A very difficult champion to fight. Because it’s a ship. “

Two-time IndyCar Champion Josef Newgarden has previously stated that F1 “looks down” on the standards of competition in the United States, but Patricio O’Ward agrees.

“It’s a little disappointing to see how people look down on IndyCar. Everything is always’F1, F1′,” says Patricio O’Ward.

“Why should all have only one championship?”

“There are a lot of very interesting and wonderful series in the world, and I feel that IndyCar is one of them. What it is, how much time and effort, and overall competition there, there I feel that it’s very underestimated how difficult it is to compete, because it’s really tough. “

Patricio O’Ward says it would be a shame if Colton Hertha wouldn’t have the opportunity to race in F1 with the F1 Super License Point system.

“I think Colton can be competitive enough in F1 and I really hope it doesn’t limit my chances of getting into F1,” said Patricio O’Ward.

“I don’t think he’ll be able to beat everyone in F1 right away. First, I don’t think he’ll be in a car that can win the championship, and second, tires, different trucks, different driving styles. It takes time to understand. It takes time to do everything. “

“But his strength is more than he can be strong, and I believe he should get the chance if he gets the chance. The license shouldn’t be a limitation. Sadly Many people have a super license but haven’t reached the level of many who don’t have a super license. I feel the system is a bit strange. ”

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