Columbus Circle released a 7-inch screen portable GBA-compatible machine with HDMI output that can be connected to a large TV for gaming

Columbus Circle, a Japanese game peripheral manufacturer, announced that it will launch a portable GameBoy Advance (GBA) compatible console “Pocket HDMI Advance for GBA” with a 7-inch LCD screen in early June, with a suggested retail price of 18,480 yen (tax excluded).

“Pocket HDMI Advance for GBA” is a compatible model of the second-generation handheld console GBA launched by Nintendo in 2001. It adopts a design similar to the original GBA screen and controller, equipped with a 7-inch LCD screen, rechargeable battery and HDMI The output terminal, like the Nintendo Switch console, supports three play modes: handheld, desktop and connected to the TV. The aspect ratio can be adjusted to 3:2 or 16:9 display.

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The package also includes a set of external controllers for desktop or connected TV games, but does not support GBA communication cables.


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