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Column “Mount Spoiler Series” 17/10/64

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Column “Mount Spoiler Series” 17/10/64

Movement of the series on various platforms other than Thai dramas on free TV channels It is a public relations channel every night. through the fan page of “Online Drama” The team decided to collect all the stories that have been told about the new movements of the series, 2-3 news per night on the fan page, into a movement. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night in order not to be lost and scattered

Date 15/10/64
Streamed “My Name”. Watch in a row. End of 8 episodes.

@ Original Series Thriller, the extreme role-turning work of #Han So Hee, together with #Park Hee Sun and #Ahn Bo Hyun, streamed today. Watch all of them. 8 important episodes, both Thai-Thai subtitles Let’s choose to watch according to whoever it is. Starting from 2 pm today (15 October) on NetflixTH

@ The story of Ji Woo (played by Han So Hee) witnessing his father’s death right before his eyes. since then She strives for revenge. Abandoning his former name and disguising himself as Oh Hye Jin, he is a policeman who infiltrates a drug cartel. and begins the hunt for the man behind her father’s murder.

#MyName #NetflixTH #NetflixKR – – cr : Netflix

Youku sends “Truth – Truth” streams on Youtube YOUKU.

@ Thriller series, investigation is hot, YOUKU sends “Truth – Truth”, directed by Li Yifan, starring Chen Shengxu, Kai Yue Xi, Xu Yajun, Liu Chang, Wen Zhengrong, Fufangjun, Zhao Longhao, Liu Bin, Liu Xing, Wang Jia Yu, Mi Lu, Zhang Dinghan, Yan Wenxue Yon, and many more. Full screen. Streaming for you to watch. (For members) starting from 14 Oct. Time 19.00 on Youtube YOUKU the only place (Thai subtitles, set to automatically translate)

@ tell stories Solving the mysterious murder and dismemberment case of the investigative team Lin Yuanhao and Lin Lan, who use specialized techniques to help the police find the clues of the murder and dismemberment case. From the beginning where the clues are fuzzy made it possible to investigate other cases related In the end, will they be able to hunt down the wrong person or not?

#YOUKU #Truth #Truth #真相 #Chinese Series #Drama Thriller Series #Chinesedrama

You can see the love triangle

@ good strong ratings, no drop The latest, dark horse series, romantic comedy “One The Weman” hit the ratings 15.0% (EP7). The story is only halfway through and gets more intense. Who is good, who is bad? while Yeon Joo (Lee Hani), who was both drugged, assassinated, and beaten Until now, Chi’s memory has come back full. I already knew that I was the prosecutor Hao Peng. Which makes me happy for Ahn Yoo Joon (Lee Won Geun), a very good junior prosecutor. will be very distracted

@ Watch Thai subtitle EP9 – EP10 via #Viu every Saturday – Sunday after 12.00 #OneTheWeman
cr : SBSDrama

Date 16/10/64
Ai Qiyi released items at the iQiyi iJoy event.

@ Giant event iQiyi iJoy Yesterday’s release (October 15th) of iQIYI streaming, everyone must have a hammer. Because Ai plays the army series to show and call the guests. Long as a kite’s tail, broken eyes type, can be kept according to the safe picture. one of them is Thriller Series historical #FengQiLuoyang, the new work of “Wang Yibo” that fans have been waiting for, where the studio of 3 actors Wang Yibo, Victoria Song and Huangxuan share new stills of the 3 characters on Wei. Well, it’s a sign that it’s almost time to grow. There are other things that I’ll keep for you again. Please wait to save the picture first.

#IQiyi – – cr : weibo.cn

Hometown Cha Cha Cha EP15 – Kim Sun Ho opens up to Shin Min Ah before the end of tonight

@ In EP14 it was a very sad time full of pain. Squeezing the hearts of the black-eyed viewers hard when Chief Hong (Kim Seon Ho) tells him that he will open his heart to tell a secret life story. Until a lot of rumors arise for Dr. Yoon (Shin Min Ah) to listen to, and Yun Hye Jin himself has been approached to become a teacher in a university in Seoul. The two meet at night.

@ But pushing things happen In the middle of the party, send the program staff of PD Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) first. After one of the production staff Knowing Chief Hong’s real name, he walked in and asked. and then slammed Hong Du Shik’s face until he fell to the floor, his mouth cracking. To Yun Hye Jin’s shock with everyone and arouse the audience’s knowledge about Chief Hong’s past. that haunted him to this day

@ New stills today revealing the condition of Yun Hye Jin and Hong Doo Sik are trapped in a serious atmosphere. A plain face hides sadness. In one picture, though, Yun Hye Jin tries to smile cheerfully to defuse the situation. But it didn’t make anything better. Hong Doo Shik was still sadly sitting on the sofa with his knees clenched. implying that he had to go through unexpected hardships.

@ Mount Moyva production team “Finally, when Hong Doo Shik agrees to tell Yun Hye Jin everything about his past, please look forward to what she will do. After hearing his painful story Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho’s performances in this scene both convey their characters’ personalities. came out perfectly That will bring tears to your eyes. Don’t miss it.”
Please stay tuned for the next part of #HometownChaChaCha tonight October 16 at 9 PM (According to Korea) on tvN Thai subtitle (approximately) 3 pm on NetflixTH

#tvNDrama #NetflixTH – – cr : soompi.com , tvNDrama

“Director-Actress” Thank you to the audience for inviting me to win the ending of Hometown Cha Cha Cha EP16 tonight.

@ Director, screenwriter and cast Shin Min Ah, Kim Seon Ho and Lee Sang Yi shared their feelings and thanked the audience for their farewell Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha tonight.

@ To begin with, Shin Min Ah said, “I’ve had a lot of fun filming for the past 5 months. I want to thank director Yoo Je Won. Writer Shin Ha Eun All the cast and crew worked hard on this series. When I was the character Yun Hye Jin, it was a very happy time for me. And I hope that this drama will remain in the audience’s memory. As a series that makes everyone rest in peace.”

@ Kim Sun Ho said, “Thank you so much for loving Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. I felt like a dream and was touched by all the many memories during filming. Both the actors and the whole crew I hope the audience will be warm as well.”

@ Lee Sang Yi said that “I am grateful to director Yoo Je Won, who made me Ji Sung Hyun. Writer Shin Ha Eun and the whole team working hard I am very happy to work with Shin Min Ah, Kim Sun Ho, and all the actors who are part of Gong Jin.”

@ Director Yoo Je Won They also shared their thoughts on the ending of the series. “It’s bittersweet. I would like to thank the actors, staff and writers for their hard work. I want to say thank you to the people of Seokbyung City and Chungha Market. sashimi restaurant owner and officials of Pohang City (filming location) Lastly, I would like to thank all the viewers.”

@ Scriptwriter Shin Ha Eun said, “I don’t think it will be long. Than I can forget the seaside village of Gongjin or this summer. Thank you to the actors, staff and directors for bringing such a simple story. It’s a big and special story for the audience. I hope Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha will be the peace of mind in your life.”

@ Watch the last episode of “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” airing tonight October 17 at 9 PM (According to Korea) on tvN Thai subtitle (approximately) 3 PM on NetflixTH

#tvNDrama #NetflixTH – – cr : soompi.com , tvNDrama, entertain.naver.com

6 Nov. Oh, my God. Wait to watch “The Red Sleeve” #watch only at Viu

@ When Crown Prince Lee Sun fell in love with Song Deok Im until becoming King Jongjo, he wanted to accept Song Deok as a concubine. But she didn’t want to.

@ The plot of the romantic drama series “The Red Sleeve” (옷소매 붉은 끝동) on MBC, starring #Lee Junho #2PM as the crown prince #Lee Se Young on air 5 Nov. Oh, my God. This is Thai subtitle. 6 Nov. Oh my god. #You can see it at Viu
#TheRedSleeve. – – cr : MBCDrama , Viu_Thailand

Date 17/10/64
Light On Project Series “Fog City Hall Mystery” is now streaming on IQIYI.

@ Thriller series, 12 episodes, the first work in the Light On project (next to the Sweet On project) #ThePavilion #The Mist City Hall Mystery #八角亭迷雾 Starring #Tuan Yihong (#DuanYiHong), #HaoLei (#HaoLei), #Su Feng (#ZuFeng) and #Xingmingchen (#XingMinShan) are now available on #IQIYI and iQ.com. Update new episodes every time. Wednesday-Friday at 7:00 p.m., starting October 13

@ tell a story 19 years ago, the youngest sister The little angel of the Xuan Clan. Killed in a strange and mysterious octagonal pavilion. but the case is pending The killer is still floating Because of this, the Xuan Clan brothers scattered and dispersed. 19 years later, another strange case involving the Xuan Clan occurred. Siblings who have dispersed are reunited at the same home again.

@ the truth from the old case gradually appear more clearly Conflict that has been cultivating for many years by the brothers It finally exploded. Who is the killer? The four of them will be able to unravel the knots in their hearts. And can you step out of this invisible darkness?

@ Watch on #IQIYI and iQ.com, update new episodes every Wednesday – Friday at 19.00 starting October 13 onwards.
cr : weibo.cn/1832974324/4693289757835744, iQIYI

“Rebirth For You – Legend of Jianan”

@ Chinese series parade onto the screen Stream to watch together in a rush, kind that doesn’t pity the eyes of the audience at all. Here’s another story “Rebirth For You – Legend of Jianan” (#嘉南传 – Jianan Juan) period romance. intense drama Adapted from the novel of the same name. The work of the writer Zhu Zhi

@ Starring Ju Jing Yi, Zheng Shun Xi, Wang Zuocheng, Wang Yi Ting, Li Yi Zhen, Li Yun Rui Move the day to start streaming today (October 17) Thai subtitles. Watch with Chinese on WeTV only. Update new episodes every day. Sunday – Tuesday at 19:00 2 EPs per day. Members watch more than 6 EPs, 40 episodes.

@ The story of the Lady of Jianan “Jiang Baoning” (played by Ju Jing Yi from Legend of Yun Xi Yunxi, the genius female poison doctor) relies on her own ingenuity to counterbalance the power of each side in the royal court. Get to know and fall in love with “Li Qian” (played by Zheng Shunxi from Jade Dragon Sword 2019), the son of Li Changqing, ruler of Pingzhou. who later held the position of the Royal Guard with love of different status and class The two of them worked together to overcome obstacles. through suffering together Finally found happiness as a tribute to life.
#RebirthForYou #Jianan legend #JuJingYi #ZengShunXi #WangZhuoCheng #WangYiTing

cr : m.weibo.cn/7706818076/4693234687152273 , WeTV

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