Com2uS ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’, OST featuring model and influencer ‘Yurisa’ released

Ahead of the release of the summoning MMORPG ‘Chronicle’, the new OST ‘And Me’ sound source and two related video contents were released
‘Yurisa’, who is also active as a singer, participates in singing… Expressing ‘Chronicle”s infinite adventure with a cheerful song atmosphere

[ 매드타임스 최영호 기자] Com2uS (CEO Song Jae-joon, Lee Joo-hwan) announced that it will release the OST ‘And I’ in which model and influencer ‘Yurisa’ participated before the domestic release of ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’, a summoning MMORPG.

The new OST ‘And I’ is a song that Com2uS produced and ‘Yurisa’, who is also active as a singer under ‘Pop Music’, a global K content production company, participated in singing. express adventure.

Com2uS will present two types of video content using this OST to provide a wealth of entertainment to fans waiting for the release of ‘Chronicle’ in Korea on the 16th of next month.

First, a video of ‘Yurisa’ singing ‘And I’ in a water fairy costume from ‘Chronicle’ will be released on the YouTube channel of ‘Yurisa’, which has about 630,000 subscribers.

In addition, along with the OST, a trailer video showing the actual play scene of ‘Chronicle’ will also be presented. In particular, in the video, you can see various battle scenes, as well as various appearances of characters in the game, such as summoners, summoners, and boss monsters, which are revealed for the first time.

Com2uS is releasing the soundtrack of ‘And I’ following the opening title of ‘The Chronicles’ with Jaurim Yuna Kim, the opening title that participated in the performance at the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in Hungary, and is raising the expectations of prospective users of ‘Chronicle’ with a rich OST. .

On the other hand, ‘Chronicle’ is a summoning type MMORPG in which a summoner appears directly in the game for the first time in ‘Summoners War’ IP (intellectual property rights) and forms a team with three summons to conduct a strategic battle. Three unique summoners and more than 350 kinds of summoners with various attributes and skills appear, allowing you to experience the fun of ‘strategy’ through character ‘collection’ and team combination.

A pre-registration event is currently in progress, and through a virtual showcase to be held online on August 2nd, various information about the game, such as the features, contents, and service direction of the new game, will be disclosed to domestic and foreign game users.

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