COM7 aims to increase market share by 35% in the next 3 years,

Miss Sansanee Saengrot Permsuk Sawangnet, Head of Marketing, Com7 Public Company Limited (COM7), revealed that COM7 has a goal in the next 3 years to have a market share of 35% of the current COM7 market share of personal computers , which is 10% and 18% in the mobile market, with COM7 having mobile sales 50% of the total sales, with factors of expansion of distribution channels, in corporate customers, online platforms through Retail, at the moment it is branches in Banana and Studio stores, including 1,100 branches nationwide

In addition, the company markets employees in large companies by offering discounts of 5-20%. During the fourth quarter of 2022, more employees are expected to register online.

For new store openings in the third quarter, 37 stores will be opened, in shopping centers and independent, and in the fourth quarter of 2022, there will be 51 new stores, with a total of 166 stores expected to open in 2022 ., compared to 173 stores opened last year.

Although the 4Q22 results are confident that it will be a new high quarter like last year. and maintain 2012 sales growth of 20%

Ms Sansanee said that the company also sees an opportunity to expand the customer base using 5G, which this year the proportion of customers using 5G has increased to 11% from 5% last year, allowing more opportunities to sell phones mobile.

In addition, the company has expanded its insurance business by acquiring Putthadharma Insurance Plc. which the company invested about 100 million baht by bringing it to mobile insurance sales (Device Insurance) and accidents such as broken screens, which the company originally went to find a partner company to insure mobile phones, which cost But when the company already has an insurance company The company can sell insurance on its own. And claim and repair companies already have services. which gives the company more business opportunities

The company also offers student loans for installment payments through Fund U. In the 3rd quarter of 2022, the loan portfolio grew to 889 million baht with 44,839 contracts from the same quarter last year with a portfolio of 527 million baht, 19,123 of Rulone contracts That provides hire purchase loans to customers in the states without credit cards In the third quarter of 2022, there was a credit portfolio of 1,475 million baht, 131,908 contracts, an increase from the third quarter of 21, which had a portfolio of 558 million baht, 38,213 contracts.

Ms Sansanee said the joint venture with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Services Limited (BDMS), is jointly investing in pharmacies. under the brand Dr. Pharma The first branch will be opened in Q4/2022 in an independent format in Thonglor, in a shopping center in Seacon, and in a gas station format. To begin with at the Rama 4 gas station, in the fourth quarter of 2022, 4 pharmacies will be opened and another 40 branches will be expanded next year.

Financial and Marketing Manager of Com7 Public Company Limited (COM7) Chakakorn Buranawuthikul said that COM7 is not just a shop that sells technology products and equipment. But the company is developing it to be a solution for customers by choosing products and allowing customers to have easy access to each group. In addition, the company has also added services for service providers to be in the field of financing that provide installment services for insurance products and business. Including using the company’s existing database to bring big data to develop products to better meet customer needs.

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