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In this article, smartphone game appsAn efficient way to proceed with a “combi mansion (merging mansion)”I will present approx.

chieflyearly game strategyI will be writing about it, so refer to it even if you are just starting out.

FirstlyWhat kind of game is “combi mansion”, review good points and bad pointsI will continue.

Evaluation and review of “Combi Mansion”

What kind of game is “Combi Mansion”?

This work isA merging game where you combine items to restore a mansion!

The stage is a family mansion which has been abandoned for around 40 years.

It seems that Grandma Ursula, who owns the mansion, is hiding something…! ?

Granddaughter of the main character, GrandmaDiscover the secrets of the Boulton clan while restoring the mansion with Mardy!

The grounds of the mansion, which have not been tended for decades, are genuineAll you can eat.

While Grandma wants to put the mansion up for sale, Mardy is desperate to renovate the mansion and restore the family’s glory.

Various tools are needed to repair the ruined site!

Organize your garage to get the tools you need.

By combining the same items in the garage, you can get items like garden tools, tools, and flowers!

As you search for what you need, create space in your garage so you can quickly build what you need.

By overlapping merges inside14 typesEven if it transforms into a weapon!

As you combine the necessary tools and proceed with the renovation, you will unlock other areas in the mansion!

Let’s gradually decorate the vast grounds.

This app is recommended for those who like puzzle and merge games, and those who want to play constantly in their free

“Combi Mansion” Recommended Points

Recommended here!

  • A simple but addictive merging game
  • There are many types of items and it is fun to collect them
  • no ads appear

A simple but addictive merging game

The greatest feature of this work is, after allFun merge game!

It’s a simple merging game where you combine the same objects to create new items.There are many types of treasure chests that items are dropped from, and treasure chests can be combined with each other.

As there is a limit to where you can merge,The feeling of excitement is the best when you have everything you need while making effective use of the space.What is it?

There are many types of items and it is fun to collect them

Due to the repair of the mansion, this work includesmiscellaneous itemsappears.

There are plenty of items that can be created by merging, such as gardening supplies, cleaning supplies, tools, and lamps!

It’s fun to see what you can make of which item once you’ve made it!

Categories with a large number of items are not easily aligned, but that’s about itI am so happy when I was able to complete itThat’s okay.

no ads appear

This work is unusual for this type of gameNo ads appear during the game.

I personally don’t hate the system where you can get stamina by watching ad videos, but after allIt’s good because there are no ads so you can focus on the game without being interrupted in the middle.

Because it is a paid smartphone gameGuidelines for billingIt was there from time to time, but not so obvious.

“Combi Mansion” Disappointing place

here subtly

  • Story progress is slow
  • run out of energy quickly

Story progress is slow

Although the story of solving the mysteries hidden in the family mansion is very interesting,The progress of the story is slow.

that’s whyIf you start the game for the story, you will get a little nervous.

run out of energy quickly

As you proceed with the merge,It’s sad when you realize you’ve run out of energy.

However, energy will be fully recovered in about 3 and a half hours,A treasure chest dedicated to energy that can be bought at a low price every dayThere is also

“I have time today, so let’s play hard!”Although it is not suitable for the play calledThere is no problem if you move forward a little in the gap time.

Energy is only used when pulling items out of objects with energy marks such as treasure chests.

Combining items does not use energySo, if you do well, you can play more than energy.

[Combi Mansion]

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Early game tips

unable to re-register

“Combi Mansion” does not have gacha elements, so it cannot be rerolled.

Don’t think about the reroll, just start the game immediately and it’s fine.

↓ Click here for articles about rerolling and billing elements ↓

[Combi Mansion]Is it possible to re-register? Can not? Introducing billing elements![Uno Plasty]

Be careful not to overcrowd your garage

When the Garage is full of items and there is no free space, new items cannot be placed.clocks

The purpose of this work is to combine the necessary items.It is very important not to overcrowd your garageWhat is it?

to keep the garage from filling upthe followingPlease play carefully.

Tips for not overcrowding your garage

  • Prioritize unlocking dusty items
  • Remove as many items as you need
  • Upgrade combinable items before use

Prioritize unlocking dusty items

Items covered in dust can be unlocked by combining them with the same item.

Combine cardboard boxes next to each other to create a dusty item.

Dust-covered items will be thrown out of “Gorgeous Blue Treasure Chests” that can be obtained as player level-up rewards.However, it is relatively hard to get, so make sure to unlock it once you get it.

Remove as many items as you need

Garage space is therefore limitedLet’s carefully select and extract the items needed for the task.

Where to get itemsThe light blue “i” mark is displayed on the top right of the itemCan be confirmed in

Upgrade combinable items before use

Objects that drop treasure chests and items can also be merged.

By combining them, the level will rise and the items that will be thrown out will become beautiful.That’s okay.

when you level upItems that have already been merged multiple times are also thrown out.So if you can merge, you can save space by upgrading it before using it.

as a side note,The daily free piggy bank can also be upgraded up to 4 levels.

If you don’t use it right away and upgrade it during the day, you will save space and earn a lot of coins.

If you’ve tried everything and your garage is full, here’s how to get past it.

When your garage is full

  • Purchase additional inventory slots
  • Use coins, energy, experience points, etc.
  • sell items and convert them into coins

Purchase additional inventory slots

When the player level reaches 5,“list”is released.

“Inventory” can temporarily store items in the garageThat’s okay.

As the takeoff is free and very convenient,If you have enough coins, buy more slots.

Use coins, energy, experience points, etc.

Energy, coins, diamonds, experience points, etc. in the garage,You can upgrade by merging the same.

(The copper coins that appear in the garage become coins when you earn them.)

If you upgrade and level up, the amount you earn will increase,Keeping it in the garage until then can be a hindrance.

Coins, energy, experience points, etc.Collectable items can be collected quickly by tapping early depending on the

sell items and convert them into coins

If you cannot free the garage after trying the above methods,sell items and convert them into coinsAlso the method.

onlyYou may need the items later, so don’t sell valuable items

If you have extra energy, sell things you don’t need to earn more coins.

on the contraryIf you run out of things to do and have extra energy, add items you don’t need and convert them into coins.

In the early stage, it is released from “barrel-shaped equipment case” and so on.gardening tools(Knives, gardening forks, etc.) are relatively easy to obtain.

(anywaygardening glovesOnly a low emission probability is needed and it is often needed, so adjust the amount you sell. )

Beware of wasting diamonds

Because diamonds are used in a variety of places,If you want to play without paying, be careful how you use it!

especiallyLots of diamonds are needed to unlock items like the ones wrapped in bubbles that appear when you merge.

If you waste your diamonds in such a place, you may not be able to use them when you really need them.

It is recommended to keep the diamonds for


“shop”you can spend coins and diamonds to buy various items.

especiallyThe “Pig Piggy Bank”, which you can get for free every day, and the “Energy Treasure Box”, which you can buy for 50 coins, are good deals, so we recommend receiving them every day.

againflash saleNow, the items being sold will change regularly.

Some can be bought with coins and some with diamonds,If the item you need is for sale, you can buy it.

as a side note,Flash sale items can also be instantly upgraded by spending diamonds.

“Boxes” and “Energy” increase every time you buy them.However, it is convenient to have boxes especially in the early stages when there are not many items.

join the event

Unlocked at player level 8“event”you can get rewards just by collecting items that appear during the event.

If you merge and upgrade event items, the number of items collected will increase.

Event items will always be released during the event, so be sure to upgrade and aim for rewards.

[Combi Mansion]

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What should you do every day?

There are not many things to do as a daily routine,Store confirmationIt’s better if you can do it every day.

Get free every day“piggy bank”Additionally, it can be purchased for 50 coins daily“Energy Treasure Box”There is also

[Combi Mansion]Summary of initial strategy

In this article, smartphone gamesAn efficient early stage capture method of “combi mansion (merging mansion)”I submitted about.

A summary of tips for early game strategy

  • unable to re-register
  • Be careful not to overcrowd your garage
  • Beware of wasting diamonds
  • shop
  • join the event

Articles summarizing the elements of re-registration and billingThere is too, so use it as a reference.

[Combi Mansion]

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