Combined training of Gulf armies begins in Saudi Arabia | The joint exercise of the Gulf Armed Forces began in Saudi Arabia

In Sabu Mela

Jubilee: At the Saudi-hosted Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) . C c) Joint Exercise Performance of the Security Forces’ Arab Gulf Curiosity 3 ‘started in Dammam. Minister of State for Operations and Affairs General Saeed Bin A Inaugurated by Abdullah Al Qahtani. With an overview of the Security Chiefs of all Member States That’s how it all started.

Then Commander-in-Chief of Training Major General Sheikh Bin Salem Al-Wada You explained the training plan. Cooperation between GCC countries in the field of security strengthens Lastly, all the threats facing the Arab Gulf region are catastrophic. Increase the coordination and readiness of the security forces These are the goals of integrated learning. The third edition of the exercise will be held in Saudi Arabia. ‘Arab Gulf Security 3’ after receiving the approval of the Ministers Activities in the name of Al-Wadani said in the Major General.

Minister of the Interior Abdul Aziz bin Saud bin Nai Fraj Kumar GCC also congratulates those who participated in the Al Qaeda training in general. He also handed over to the Home Ministers. All precautions to be taken to stop that unhealthy introspection. He said that they have also received Rs.




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