Come back on stage Moon Yu-kang with the play Amadeus

Actor Moon Yoo-gang returns to the stage after 3 years with the drama ‘Amadeus’.

Newcomer Moon Yu-gang, who made his presence known by playing the role of Lee Moo-gyeol, a top Korean swimmer, in the TV drama ‘Mental Coach Jegal-gil’, which ended last year, becomes back as Salieri, the main character of the play ‘Amadeus’, and he does a ten day movement regardless of the genre.

The play ‘Amadeus’, familiar from the film of the same name, depicts the story of ‘Salieri’ and ‘Mozart’, musicians and real people who lived at the same time. Set in Vienna in the 18th century, it deeply captures the human love for God and the psychological description of an artist who aspires to true artistic talent.

Salieri, played by Yoo Kang Moon, is a hard-working musician who loves music more than anyone else. Although he has risen to the position of court composer in Vienna, he recognizes Mozart’s genius at a glance, feels horror and envy towards him, and suffers from his own mediocrity.

An official from ‘Amadeus’ said, “Moon Yoo-gang is the youngest among the actors who have played the role of Salieri so far. It is expected that we will be able to meet another charming Salieri who can feel energy and honesty. Moon Yoo-gang on at the same time.” .

Newcomer Yukang Moon was cast as the lead character, Tommy Judd, in his 2019 debut play “Another Country,” over a competition rate of 267:1, and received a lot of love from theater fans, drawing more attention to this return step. Expectations are high on how Moon Yu-kang, who has emerged as a rising star in Daehangno by playing the main character Jade in the drama ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ since his debut , captures the audience again by expressing the role of Salieri, who must develop dramatic emotions. .

In addition to dramas, Moon Yoo-gang has appeared in dramas such as ‘Itaewon Class’, ‘Missing: They Were’, ‘To My Perpetrator’, ‘Think of the Moon When Flowers Bloom’, ‘What Do You Do in the Office?’, and ‘Mental Coach Jegal Gil’ He showed his acting skills. He is building a solid filmography regardless of drama, drama or genre through various steps that are not like a rookie.

Meanwhile, the drama ‘Amadeus’ will be performed at ‘Sejong M Theater’ from February 12th to April 11th with Jaebeom Kim, Jonggoo Kim, Jiyeon Cha, Seongwoo Jeon, Jaekyun Lee, and Woohyuk Choi appearing along with Yookang Moon. Yugang Moon is set to premiere on the 15th.

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