Come on…realme is letting fans help with ideas to prepare for their own dynamic island called realme Island.

Since Apple launched the iPhone 14 Pro series that comes with a new design screen, hits a selfie camera, and then takes great features like Dynamic Island to make it stand out until many people are amazed. another camp that comes out to ask for the opinion of fans, including to help with those ideasIf realme makes its own Dyna,ic Island How should it be?

Previously, Xiaomi was a camp that asked fans if they would like to see the Dynamic Island feature on a new mobile phone like the Redmi K60. Of course, there must be those who agree and those who do not agree to follow him.

The latest camp, realme, is not out of trend. Because I have to ask the fans on the website Which is the official community of realme mobile users from all over the world Let’s help each other with ideas if realme makes its own Dynamic Island in the name realme island What should it look like? What features are there? what can I do By sending only descriptive text, an image file or an animation file to join in the fun.

I don’t know if there will be any mobile camps after this, throwing stones, asking the fans for instructions whether they want the Dynamic Island feature to be used with them or not. (Personally, I think there is definitely 5555)

source: c.realme

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