Come on, the brand is tricky with digital lotteries. Press to buy lottery tickets and sell them for 100-120 baht each.

These Yi Pu are tricky with the Pao Tang app lottery. Press to buy lottery tickets and sell them for 100-120 baht per number. The price of the lottery ticket is still expensive as usual.

Today (5 June) reporters reported that The merchants at various points criticized About buying online lotteries or digital lotteries, priced at 80 baht, via the purse-pao-tang app, including techniques for bringing the set number from the wallet app to continue selling As for the price of the Yi Pump lottery, the price is as expensive as before.

Mr. Chatri Khun-in, president of the Chiang Mai Disabilities Lottery Traders Association revealed that now these Yi pumps including general retailers using different techniques by pressing to buy lottery tickets take only the set number

By bringing together to buy each other according to their wealth and save it It is sold in the social group at a price of 100-120 baht per number, causing the wallet lottery to be bought out in a short time. The set number will run out first. and bring the wallet lottery Press to buy and resell at an expensive price.

As for the free lottery, the quota lottery, when the Bao Tang lottery runs out, the Yi pumps and the online lottery Sweep, buy from the free lottery, lottery quota at an expensive price and bring it into the online system. As for the brand, they are sold to expensive retailers, causing the lottery price to fall from 100 baht to 110-120 baht as usual.

On the side of the lottery seller in Mahidol Road, Mueang Chiang Mai District, revealed that now the lottery that the merchants including the brand They took each other to press the set number from the Bao Tong lottery. Then recorded on the page in the group line, selling price 100-120 baht per number, causing the wallet lottery numbers to be sold out in a short time. When the wallet is sold out It will be the time of the normal lottery.

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