“Come to my dream”..Memorial for the late Moonbin’s 49th birthday, Seungkwan → Cha Eunwoo’s ‘eat and eat’ feeling[종합]

Reporter Ahn Yoon-ji | 2023.06.06 15:29

Moonbin from the Astro unit group ‘Moonbin & Sanha’ Photo courtesy of Fantagio 2022.03.15 / Photo = Reporter Lee Dong-hoon photoguy@

49 days have passed since the late Astro group member Moonbin passed away.

On the 6th, the funeral of the late Munbin 49th is held. 49 jae is a Buddhist funeral ceremony, and refers to the ase (齋) held seven times every week (7 days) from the first ritual after the death of the deceased. The date of death of the deceased is counted as the first day.

On the 5th, before his 49th birthday, Seungkwan visited Sky Park, which has been operated as a memorial space until that day. He said, “I miss you too? I’m sure I’ll miss you. Jjasik. I miss you very much. I was hoping that at that time we would be feelings that would get better by for time to pass, but I don’t think that’s the reason. Woong did too. “I think living is better. I agree with that a little. Please understand me,” he said

Also, he said, “My friend I love very much. I have to go now. I’m sorry you seem to grumble and leave… See you tomorrow, Binah. I miss you. Hurry up, eat healthy, Sleep well and come to my dreams. When the time is right~” it appeared

/Photo = Seungkwan’s Instagram
/Photo = Cha Eun-woo’s Instagram

Cha Eun-woo visited Sky Park with San-ha the day before, and posted a dandelion flower on his Instagram story that day, replacing his bitter heart. In addition, Cha Eun-woo covered the song ‘Stalker’ by singer 10cm sung by the late Moonbin, revealing his longing.

Ungjae, a member of Impact, who was close with the late Moonbin as a member of ’98s, also left a letter for the deceased. Ungjae said, “Looking at you and Seungkwan murmuring, I felt happy that I just became very common friends. Do you remember that day? As always, the two of you fight, and in a broken heart, ‘Don’t fight, guys. I’m the only one of you. That’s the only reason I don’t regret being an idol'” recalled the past.

He continued, “Bin-ah, I wonder if I did this to meet you. Thank you so much for just being with me. I received so much from you, so I will try to live to protect everything you loved. “I hope the you will go And because I don’t want you to be painfully remembered, who was warm and glowingly beautiful, I will live my life by letting people know that you were warm.”

He said, “Bin-ah, if it hurts as much as you love me, it’s okay if I’m in pain all my life. So don’t forget me for a single moment. ” … If please forgive me,” he added.

/Photo = Lee Suji’s Instagram

The late Moonbin died suddenly on April 19th. 25 years old. After a long discussion with the bereaved family, Fantagio, the agency, prepared a “moon space” in one of the Namhansanseong government buildings, and will operate it for a long time from 5:30 am on the 7th. This space is operated as a place where people who remember Moonbin visit and share their hearts.

However, the agency said, “We would be grateful if you would refrain from sending food and flowers other than letters or notes.” “We fully understand that this is for Moonbin, but as the temple is located in the mountains, it is difficult to do. keeping it intact from insects and foreign objects. Aroha We plan to put an attachment plate on one side of the lunar space so you can attach notes, and we will collect them from time to time and keep them all carefully.”

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