Home Entertainment ‘Comeback Home’ Song Ga-in, home in Sadang-dong after 4 years… What’s the blushing story?

‘Comeback Home’ Song Ga-in, home in Sadang-dong after 4 years… What’s the blushing story?

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Song Ga-in returns to the side of the’owner’s grandmother’ who shared family-like relationships.

The 3rd episode of KBS 2TV’s’Comeback Home’ (planning Kim Kwang-soo/director Park Min-jung) is aired at 10:30 pm on the 17th, as a guest of’Returning Home’. Song Ga-in, Shin Seung-tae and Oh Yu-jin, among priests of’Trot National Sports Festival’ appear. On this day’s broadcast, Song Ga-in is going to find the’Sadang-dong Villa’ where he shared family-like friendships with the local residents when he was unknown.

In a recent recording, Song Ga-in visited his own room in Sadang-dong, where he was growing his dream by performing both Korean traditional music and trot. Prior to this, Song Ga-in drew attention by revealing a special relationship with the grandmother of the host family.

He said, “If the owner’s grandmother made kimchi, he took care of the kimchi, and he did not urge me to ask for money if the monthly rent was overrun. Even after moving, he said, “It’s a relationship between the people who are in contact with each other regularly,” he said.

Subsequently, Song Ga-in entered the villa where she lived for four years from 2014. Song Ga-in, who reunited with the grandmother of the landlord after a long time, came out in tabi shoes and hugged him in the arms of the grandmother who was welcoming him, making the surroundings feel grim.

For a while, it is said that Song Ga-in burst into a stretch when he entered his home where he lived in the past.

Song Ga-in’s touch remained throughout the house, just like where he lived yesterday. In response, Song Ga-in was surprised by the museum-class preservation status, saying, “The paint you painted and the stickers on the door are the same.” He revealed his curiosity.

On this day, Song Ga-in is said to have faced an unexpected situation at a villa in Sadang-dong, which had been returned after a long time, and was amazed. This raises curiosity about who is currently living in Sadang-dong’s self-catering room, where Song Ga-in’s hand remains intact, and the reason for Song Ga-in’s tears.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV’Comeback Home’, which depicts the youth’s room challenge in this era of finding hope in their own way, will be broadcast 3 episodes at 10:30 pm on the 17th.


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