Comedian Lee Guk-ju reveals childhood encounter with abusive woman

Comedian Lee Guk-ju Shares Childhood Experience of Verbal Abuse

Written by Taebyeong Chae, Money Today | September 6, 2023, 07:00

Renowned comedian Lee Guk-ju recently opened up about a distressing incident from her childhood, where she encountered verbal abuse from an unknown woman on the street.

In her latest video titled “A long-established famous tteokbokki restaurant in Mangwu-dong was a friend of my brother,” released on her YouTube channel ‘Lee Guk-joo’, she takes viewers on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to Mangwu-dong in Jungrang-gu, Seoul – her childhood neighborhood.

As Lee Guk-ju reminisced about the narrow lanes of Mangwu-dong Street, she recalled her daily school commute. She mentioned, “During my younger days, I used to traverse this street on my way to school.”

In the video, Lee Guk-ju also candidly discussed the unpleasant experiences she had on this very street. She shared, “I have a heartbreaking incident that I experienced here,” revealing that when she was a child eating an ice cream while walking, an unknown woman shouted hurtful words at her.

Recalling the incident, Lee Guk-ju recounted, “A stranger looked at me and said, ‘You are getting fat because you eat like that.'” The encounter left a lasting impact on her, to the extent that she vowed never to eat anything while strolling on the street again.

However, she lightened the mood by joking, “In hindsight, perhaps that woman had special fortune-telling abilities,” eliciting laughter from the viewers. It’s worth noting that Lee Guk-ju, who made her comedic debut through the 15th MBC public recruitment in 2006, has successfully shed approximately 17kg.

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Reporter Taebyeong Chae, Money Today | 2023.09.06 07:00

/Picture = ‘Lee Guk-joo’ YouTube channel Comedian Lee Guk-ju told a story about hearing abusive language from an unknown woman on the street as a child.

On the 5th, the YouTube channel ‘Lee Guk-joo’ released a video titled ‘A long-established famous tteokbokki restaurant in Mangwu-dong was a friend of my brother’.

In the video, Lee Guk-ju visited Mangwu-dong, Jungrang-gu, Seoul, where he lived during his school days. Looking at Mangwu-dong Street, he recalled, “The lanes here are so narrow.” “When I was young, I always passed this street and walked (to school).

/Photo = Youtube channel ‘Lee Guk-ju’ Lee Guk-ju also talked about the bad memories he experienced on the street. He said, “I have a real painful (heart) story that I experienced here,” and “I was walking while eating ice cream, and a woman screamed at me.”

Lee Guk-ju said, “A woman I didn’t know said, ‘I’m getting fat because I eat like that'” and “(I was shocked) after that, I never eat anything on the street .

However, he soon joked, “Looking back, that woman was telling fortunes,” causing laughter. Lee Guk-joo, who debuted as a comedian in the 15th MBC public recruitment in 2006, announced that she has lost about 17kg.

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