Comedian Si-deok Kim Opens Up About Childhood Struggles

Comedian Si-deok Kim Opens Up About Difficult Childhood on ‘Morning Yard’

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | August 25, 2023 – 14:49

During a recent episode of KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, comedian Si-deok Kim bravely shared the painful memories of his childhood, revealing a story that touched the hearts of many.

Kim, now 42 years old, recounted his challenging upbringing with an emotional tale of ‘bread soaked in tears’ on the show.

Opening up about his status as an illegitimate child, Kim admitted that he had to fend for himself from a young age due to his parents’ lack of responsibility. “My father left to start his own family, and my mother also began her life anew, leaving me to live independently since I was just 9 years old. My journey began with delivering 60 newspapers every day,” he revealed.

Despite facing adversity, Kim defied the odds and pursued a career in comedy. He shared, “Teachers told me that being poor and without parents would lead me to trouble and redefine my place in society. However, I have proved them wrong by dedicating 23 years to being a radiographer since my debut. I want to proudly declare this to those who doubted me. I have overcome hardships, married a wonderful woman, established a family, and have a clean record. I have even become a father. Please continue to support me, as I will never falter.” His powerful speech elicited applause from the audience.

When asked by MC Kim Jae-won about his experiences growing up alone from the age of 9, Kim Si-deok shared, “I wasn’t particularly athletic, but in middle school, I raised my hand to become a special education student as it would exempt me from paying school fees. This decision led me to live in a two-pyeong room, work as a newspaper delivery boy, at a paint factory, and even on a construction site. Despite these difficulties, I never failed the comedian’s exam and passed with flying colors.”

Kim Si-deok rose to fame as a comedian through the 16th KBS open recruitment in 2001. His appearances on KBS2’s ‘Gag Concert’ segments, such as ‘Park Joon-hyung’s Dialect of Life’ and ‘Mappagi’, garnered immense love from the audience. He tied the knot with a flight attendant in May 2008 and welcomed a son. Although his broadcasting activities came to a pause in 2010 due to ankylosing spondylitis, Kim has recently made a comeback.

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Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.08.25 14:49

Comedian Si-deok Kim./Photo = KBS1 ‘Morning Yard’ broadcast screen Comedian Si-deok Kim (42) admitted childhood pain.

In KBS1’s ‘Morning Yard’, which aired on the 25th, Si-deok Kim recalled his difficult childhood with a story about ‘bread soaked in tears’.

Kim Si-deok admitted that he had to live alone from a young age because he was born an illegitimate child, saying, “My parents were not responsible.”

He said, “My father went into his own home, and my mother also started over, so I’ve lived on my own since I was 9 years old. Delivering 60 newspapers was my first start life.”

He continued, “Teachers said, ‘You’re poor and you don’t have parents, so get out of society and get into trouble.’ But so far, I’ve been a radiographer for 23 years since my debut.”

He said, “I will proudly say to those who said that on the broadcast. I lived a hard life, married a pretty woman, and became the head of a family without a criminal record. I even became a father if I had a child from my own family.” Watch over me. I won’t let you down.” He promised and received applause.

When MC Kim Jae-won asked, “How did you spend your adolescence living alone since the age of 9?” Kim Si-deok said, “I’m not good at sports, but in middle school, I raised my hand when I was asked to raise my hand to be a special education student. This is because school fees are waived.” I ate, lived in a 2-pyeong room, delivered newspapers, worked in a paint factory, and worked in a construction site. therefore, I never failed the comedian’s exam and passed all of them them.”

Kim Si-deok emerged as a comedian in the 16th KBS open recruitment in 2001, and received great love for KBS2’s ‘Gag Concert’ corner ‘Park Joon-hyung’s Dialect of Life’ and ‘Mappagi’. He married the wife of a flight attendant in May 2008 and has a son, he stopped broadcasting activities in 2010 due to ankylosing spondylitis, but recently resumed his activities.

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