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This is Sony a1. (Photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang)

Sony officially announced Alpha 1 (Alpha 1), which is not only 8K recording, but also includes full-frame 50.1 million pixels, 30fps continuous shooting, 15-level dynamic range and other super specifications, which shocked the camera industry. As competitors, Canon and Nikon both predicted that the “heavyweight” mirrorless emperor EOS R3 and Z9 would break out in the top-level camera market.

Compared with α1, which still maintains a mirrorless and lightweight body, Canon and Nikon, as the old camera companies, have gone out of the same path. EOS R3 and Z9 have integrated battery grips, which are more conducive to vertical shooting and endurance performance, relatively sacrificed Portability, aiming at professional customers who value performance. In addition, the “stacked CMOS image sensor” is also used in the photosensitive element part, which can have faster continuous shooting and imaging.

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Nikon has confirmed that the Z9 will support 8K video recording, and the rest of the detailed specifications are still confidential. The news broke that the Z9 will have 45 million pixels and a maximum 8K 30fps video specification.

Nikon Z9. (Picture / Photograph from Nikon official website)

This is Canon EOS R3 (photo/photographed from Canon website)

As for Canon’s R3, the continuous shooting speed is the most important thing. It is determined to have a 30fps continuous shooting speed of the same level as the Sony α1. The pixel specifications are not disclosed. Considering it is a top-level model, foreign media speculates that it will not sacrifice 8K video recording for continuous shooting. In particular, Canon also offers the “eyeball control autofocus” technology, which allows the camera to detect the user’s eye movements and then change the focus point. It is expected to be a flagship differentiated function.

The current single-body price of Sony α1 is 174,980 yuan. Taking into account the prices of Canon and Nikon SLR cameras of the same level in the past, it is estimated that the three major companies will all fight in the price range of 180,000 yuan. Z9 is expected to officially debut this year, and R3 only revealed that it is under development, and Canon did not mention the time to market.

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