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‘Coming Out Singer’ Kwon Do-woon, “I am in a relationship with a 5 year old younger man… I didn’t want to hide it.”

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‘Gay Trot Singer’ Kwon Do-woon, a 5-year-old younger man and a pink lover, showed a special affection for his boyfriend.

On the afternoon of the 14th, Kwon Do-woon said in a phone call with OSEN, “Because my personality is so honest, I did not want to hide something as a person who is a profession dealing with the public. I came out as a public dating, but I wanted to let you know that I live the same as a normal and ordinary person, so I made it public.”

Kwon Do-woon said that before starting public dating, he also asked his boyfriend for a doctor. “I asked him if it was okay to have a public relationship, but he said,’I think it would be worse if I didn’t do it,’ and’I would rather be jealous if I don’t. If you say that you are not revealing your identity, you will be grateful to disclose it, so we opened it.”

In particular, Kwon Do-woon laughed at his boyfriend’s reaction after a public romance, saying, “He said he felt good,” and said, “Because he was dating someone with a name, he said he felt good because he had the experience of being the main character in this article.”

In addition, Kwon Do-woon said, “There are several bars where gays go, and I first found out there, so I confessed first. I asked for a number. It’s difficult to say that it’s been exactly a few days since we’ve dated, but it’s a step to get to know. I’m dating, but it’s been about two weeks because I’m getting to know them.” He also remembered the moment I met my boyfriend for the first time.

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Finally, Kwon Do-woon said, “The 20th album is scheduled to be released in June. This is a song I made myself. After June, the 21st album, the last album of this year, will be released.”


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