Commander of Army Region 4 reveals that the assailants of the bomb attacked the city of Yala disguised as a rider

After the incident last night There are villains in the city of Yala. Throwing giant firecrackers – planting more than 14 bombs until people are injured. from being hit by flak which is an elderly man And there was a lot of damage from such events.

Later this morning, 29 January 65, the officers of the Yala Provincial Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit Explosive Ordnance Disposal Kit of the border patrol police and Special Task Force inspected the area that still found suspicious objects On Phutthawithi Road – Chalermchai Road, the authorities have blocked the route. to perform the retrieval and investigation of suspicious objects that remains from the events of last night In the beginning Officials believe it created a situation for insurgents in the area.

Recently, in the afternoon of the same day, the 4th Army Region Commander revealed that this incident Terrorist attacks in Yala town Disguised as a food delivery rider Bombing patrols around Yala city A total of 14 incidents occurred, with one person being injured by the explosion.

The events that happened last night The assailant has planted a bomb in the area of ​​Muang Yala district, something that the authorities themselves are quite weak in some points. In particular, there is protection around the periphery. and in the city of Yala There are people’s brothers and sisters to look after the officers, but in this round, after the clashes in the Narathiwat province, the officials have warned that there may be a deflecting of the perpetrators with food delivery trucks. Take the assembled ping pong bomb to cause harassment in various forms continually causing the situation Which the Army Region 4, ISOC Region 4, the provincial governor, the police have ordered the forces from all sectors to increase austerity. A landmark to enter, a two-row ride, a food delivery that infiltrates like a bomb in front of a train station.

Before reiterating himself, I would like to ask the people to be confident that All staff will analyze the area. strengthen giving peace of mind to the people’s brothers and sisters even though It will be a harassment, but it will affect the people’s brothers and sisters in various trades. People must help each other as eyes and ears for the authorities as well

Commander of the 4th Army Region also said that the incident in this time I believe that it is a link from Narathiwat Province, where officers from 3 sides have surrounded and fired at each other. Now we still have tracking. The group is probably the original group. from last time In front of Yala Railway Station, come by 2 rows of cars, this time, 2 people, 2 cars, from the surveillance footage. together with each line Criminals will use delivery trucks during this Covid-19 period where people order food. brought in to cause Therefore, it must be more stringent.



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