Commemorative events for the ‘8th West Sea Guard Day’, including the Jeonbuk Veterans Association |

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/ Courtesy of Jeonbuk Veterans Association and East Jeonbuk Veterans Affairs Office.

The Jeonbuk Veterans Association and the Jeonbuk East Veterans Affairs Office held a memorial event for the ‘8th West Sea Guard Day’ on the 24th.

West Sea Defense Day was set to commemorate the heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect the West Sea after the Korean War, recall North Korea’s provocations, and gather and spread national security awareness.

About 1,000 people, including the governor of Jeonbuk-do, the commander of the 35th division, and veteran organizations attended this memorial event.

Baek Sang-rok, president of the Jeonbuk Veterans Association, said, “We will ensure that the sacrifice of the heroes who defended the West Sea, who gave their lives for our country, will never be in vain.”

Son Sun-wook, head of the Jeonbuk East Veterans Affairs Office, said, “I hope it is a meaningful time to remember the heroes who defended the country who defended freedom and democracy in this country, honor their spirit of sacrifice, and strengthen security. consciousness.”