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The other day, we introduced the topic of a card-based skill deck system that replaces the conventional skill tree, the numbered sequel “Dead Island 2” has released an explainer video as part of its feature , highlighting the zombie procedural system that allows for incredibly realistic damage in Dead Island 2.

Possessing skin, fat, muscles, internal organs, and bones, it not only realizes the expression of extremely realistic broken arms and damage, but also changes in the parts and number of cuts, the description depending on the weapon, and length age the height and appearance Check out Dead Island 2’s stunning system for automatically generating everything from , pre-damaged zombies, to pre-damaged zombies, and a new video full of gameplay shows it in action below.


Los Angeles is blockaded and the army withdraws. The future of Los Angeles and humanity is in the hands of you and a handful of pathogen-resistant members.

Dead Island 2 is set in a stylish, vibrant, but zombie-infested world. Explore the haunted Los Angeles, meet amazing characters, and be drenched in the blood of countless enemies as you become the ultimate zombie slayer!

Pre-purchase now to receive the Memories of Banoy pack with two unique weapons, a special weapon perk and skill cards.

■ Functions

  • Explore Hell A – From the leafy suburbs of Beverly Hills to the winding boardwalks of Venice Beach, Dead Island 2 brings a taste of horror to the iconic sights of Los Angeles. Enjoy exciting adventures.
  • Violent Close Quarters Combat Sandbox – A variety of (violent) weapon and tactical options for intense first-person combat full of guts and blood. Cut, smash, burn, tear, and more to cut through hordes of zombies.
  • BE THE ULTIMATE ZOMBIE SLEDER – Players can choose from 6 characters to play with, each with a unique personality and dialogue. Each Slayer’s abilities are fully customizable, and a new skill system lets you swap skills on the fly for the craziest builds.
  • Zombie Pandemic – Featuring the most advanced dismemberment system ever in gaming! In this game, LA is full of zombies that look and react realistically. Typical of Dead Island 2, these zombies come in dozens of varieties, each with their own unique mutations and attack methods, as well as hundreds of visual variations on the LA theme. The zombies in this game are relentless, defiant and quintessentially Los Angeles. Will you survive?
  • Cinematic Co-op – Dead Island 2 immerses players in an immersive world with exciting RPG-like quests, crazy characters and an exciting and exciting story. There’s no doubt you’ll want to play again and again. Added co-op play for up to 3 players. Enjoy a long, glorious and bloody ride through LA.

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