Commerce organizes an event to reduce the price of products at 3.2 thousand points to help the people of the country, expecting 7 billion money to spread

Commerce organizes an event to reduce product prices by 32 thousand points until January 31, 2022, helping to reduce the cost of living for people in the country, estimated to be 7 billion baht.

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On 20 Dec 2021 Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce said later as the chairman of the opening ceremony “Commercial price reduction! Help people Lot 16 New Year Gread Sale 2022” that today is the most special annual event of the Ministry of Commerce that will help reduce the cost of living for all Thai people in the country. Under the continuation made over the past 2 years in a discount commercial project! Help the people and have done 15 Lot. This time is considered the largest Lot. It is the 16th Lot under the Commercial Sale campaign! Help people New Year Grand Sale 2022

Mr. Jurin said that this event Considered as an important New Year’s gift. Under the cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce with the private sector and related parties in 2022, with manufacturers, distributors, department stores, both retail and wholesale, local department stores, hotel associations, hospital associations. Auto service centers, banks, gas stations, movie theaters, Internet service providers and online platforms. Providing services to the people under the New Year Grand Sale project of the Ministry of Commerce, more than 32,000 branches nationwide by reducing the price of goods and services in 3 major categories.

Group 1: Products and services that are required in daily life such as food, beverages, household items, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, motor vehicles, hand tools and decorations, including miscellaneous goods.

Group 2 services that consist of Medical services, accommodation, restaurants, service centers, cars, banks, gas stations, internet, insurance, etc.

and the third group, the platform and logistics group, there are 3 groups which are restaurant platforms. product platform and logistics platform

“Up to 86% discount, starting today until 31 Jan 2022, will help reduce the cost of living for many Thai people in the whole country. We would like to thank the Ministry of Commerce and the private sector for their continued cooperation. I hope that this New Year Grand Sale sale will increase sales for all private sectors and reduce the burden of living expenses for Thai people throughout the country. Expected to have a turnover of more than 7 billion baht.” Mr. Jurin say


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