Committee of Human Rights Haven’t given any witnesses to ‘Mother Watermelon’ assuring that it is important in the case.

Committee of Human Rights The witnesses have not yet been given to ‘Mother Watermelon’ assuring that it is important in the case of ‘Somchai’. Must follow the procedure to send a prosecutor

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On May 30, at the National Assembly, Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon list of MPs Leader of the Thai Sriwilai Party along with Mrs. Panida Sirayuthyothin The mother of Ms. Phatthida (Nida) Patcharaweeraphong, aka Watermelon, submitted a letter to Somchai Sawang, senator, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Human Rights, Liberties and Consumer Protection. to obtain evidence objects from the committee to send to the Institute of Forensic Science Ministry of Justice Continue the investigation

Mr Mongkolkit said that Melon’s mother asked the Thai Sriwilai Party to take care of the watermelon’s death case. Currently, the case is in the process of the prosecutor. I still don’t know what will happen next. And it is known that the committee may have object witnesses in the case of watermelons received from well-wishers sent through Dr. Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunan, a senator, as the committee, which is not yet known as the witness object. Is it important? He and Mrs. Panida will request this witness object. to send to the Institute of Forensic Science The Ministry of Justice continues

Mrs. Panida said briefly that she wanted this witness object to be useful to the case.

While Mr. Somchai said that in the past, the committee meeting considered this matter on an urgent agenda. after receiving a parcel from a person claiming to be a well-wisher by coordinating through Dr. Khunying Pornthip which Dr. Khunying Pornthip therefore proposed to the committee whether to accept such parcels for consideration or not

The meeting resolved to accept this package. But we don’t confirm what’s inside. Because the parcel sent from the United States has not yet been unpacked, which is identified in English as Sukmak Kanlaya DA as the sender, which he does not know who it is. but said that it might be the name of Bang Jack or not

Mr. Somchai continued that when he received the parcel, he sent a letter to the Royal Thai Police. But the police said In conclusion, the case has been closed. And now the case is in the process of prosecutors. The committee therefore sent a letter to the prosecutor but has not received a response. by inviting the prosecutor to look at it or send it to the prosecutor but still don’t know what And will it be an important witness or not?

If there is an important part, the prosecutor will continue to investigate. and the committee asked for further duties. However, the committee would not be able to give such parcels to Ms. Panida. because the parcel sent did not specify the name of Mrs. Panida and don’t know what’s inside I don’t know if it’s cloth or paper or what. We will not open until the prosecutor responds to the matter.

Mrs. Panida asked Mr. Somchai that Such parcels will be kept at How long is the committee?

Mr Somchai said that this has been stored for 27 days and has not been opened. which must wait for a response from the prosecutor first because the committee has no duty to send to outsiders In addition to the relevant government agencies to enter the justice system When receiving the parcel, coordinate with the relevant departments. I didn’t store anything.

“The police reasoned that the summary of the case had already been sent to the prosecutor. And now there is no answer from the prosecutor. so please wait a little longer If the prosecutor comes to pick it up, he will record the tape when opening the parcel as evidence. But if the prosecutor sends us to will send an officer to follow up on the matter as well For the storage of such parcels From now on, it will still be kept at the committee. Because the Senate has already had a deposit for 27 days, I believe that there is no problem,” said Somchai.

while Dr. Khunying Pornthip mentioning the aforementioned material that Bang Jack contacted him. So he sent the address in the name of the committee. But when the parcel was sent, it turned out to be identified as the recipient. and sent to the council The reason why the parcel has to be kept for up to 3 weeks is because there is no power to do anything further. but tried to coordinate with all agencies until she saw that Mrs. Panida changed her mind and is the rightful representative of the watermelon So I want you to come to know and make it right. 3 weeks ago, it’s not that we pulled the story. but we have no authority

Then the reporter asked Panida how she felt after seeing the parcel. Panida said, “Mom is confident that it will be important in the case.” “Please, Lord Somchai use his powers to expedite this matter for my mother.”

Reporters reported that During the submission period Mrs. Panida sat at the head of the table next to Mr. Mongkolkit. While Dr. Khunying Pornthip sitting at the end of the conference room Previously, the couple had a disagreement over the watermelon case. Mr. Panida walked after the meeting while raising his hand. Khunying Pornthip, MD. and shake hands to improve understanding

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