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Emphasis on empathy and sharing stories rather than product sales

Popularity of content directly planned and produced by MZ employees

Home banner.ⓒCatch Fashion

The luxury platform industry is concentrating its capabilities on strengthening content services.

This is because, rather than simply selling products, it is possible to expand contact points with consumers and enhance brand competitiveness through solid story content that can induce consumer participation and experience.

According to the industry on the 22nd, Catch Fashion has improved its content competitiveness by extensively renewing its mobile app and website home banners in the first half of this year.

Based on the latest trends, the home banner arranges curated content that will target the taste of the MZ generation, introduces global brands that pursue their own unique styles such as Lemaire and Garni, and presents interesting stories of new icons or luxury brands. Introducing fashion trend content, etc.

The MD of Catch Fashion has also prepared ‘MD TALK’ content where they can share their daily life with a selection based on their taste.

In addition, the ‘CATCH NOW’ corner, which presents seasonal content, introduces various items from rare designer brands that are difficult to find in Korea to popular high-end brands.

Thanks to content and curation that the MZ generation will like, the number of Catch Fashion members is growing steadily, showing an average monthly growth rate of 40%.

A Catch Fashion official said, “The MZ generation, who are accustomed to subscribing and following, value sharing tastes. We plan to turn it into a space.”

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Must-It also operates a ‘magazine’ service to make the customer’s shopping journey more enjoyable and enriching.

Magazine. ⓒMust ItMagazine. ⓒMust It

We publish an average of 4 pieces of content every month in the magazine category on our homepage. The magazine story category covers not only detailed insights into fashion brands from experts, but also introductions to living items. The trend report category covers fashion hot news.

Recently, to raise the level of content, we have hired professional writers. A total of four people joined, including editor Park Chan-yong, who runs the newsletter ‘Anchovy Book Club’ and ‘Yogi Letter’, and creative director Baek Jin-hee, a perfume & lifestyle beauty brand, as well as a watch editor and lifestyle editor.

Consumer response is also strong. The average number of views of magazine content from May to June reached 3388.

A Must It official emphasized, “After the reorganization of the professional handwriting collection, the number of content views is on the rise.”

TrenB also regularly publishes content related to luxury goods, such as news and new information for each luxury brand.

The plan is to continuously strengthen communication at customer contact points through magazines, on-channel YouTube, and Instagram in the Trenbe app service.

In particular, Trenby’s official YouTube channel ‘Trends, Review Brands (TRB)’ is receiving a great response by consistently providing expert interviews with luxury fashion industry experts, new trend information, and various event information.

Information on collaboration between brands and content produced by directly visiting brand pop-up stores and exhibitions are also popular.

TrenB plans to continue to strive to provide a variety of useful information for customers to shop for better luxury goods.

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The reason luxury platforms put great effort into the content business is to strengthen communication with customers.

By delivering detailed information about the fashion items worn by MZ generation employees and styling methods, it is possible to enjoy the effects of novelty and fun, increase sales, and brand image enhancement.

An official from an online luxury platform said, “Content reinforcement and information provision have become essential elements in commerce platforms. said.

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