‘Communication’ once again emphasized by director Hong Myung-bo, Ulsan, younger

Hong Myung-bo, the new director of Ulsan Hyundai. /News1 © News1 Reporter Yoon Il-ji

‘Communication’ was emphasized by director Hong Myung-bo, the new command tower of Ulsan Hyundai, which is undergoing a generational change. While many changes are being made, the plan is to reduce trial and error through smooth communication with the athletes.

In a press conference held on the 7th, coach Hong Myung-bo said, “Unlike the national team, the club has more time to communicate with the squad. Through this, we will be able to pursue the desired tactics and aggressive soccer.” He revealed his plans to lead the team.

Ulsan, who won the Asian Football Federation (AFC) Champions League championship last season, is making a lot of changes ahead of this season.

First of all, since 2017, the command tower was replaced by director Hong Myung-bo in place of Kim Do-hoon, who led Ulsan. The coaching staff also changed drastically as the manager changed.

The squad is also expected to change greatly. Park Joo-ho, Jeong Dong-ho, and Yoon Young-seon left for Suwon FC, and Shin Jin-ho has a strong transfer to Pohang Steelers. Here, Seung-Hyun Jung applied for Kim Cheon. Jung Hoon-sung, Choi Jun, and Lee Sang-heon were traded with Lee Dong-jun of Busan I-Park. It is known that Kim In-sung and Kim Tae-hwan are also suffering after receiving a transfer offer.

Amid many changes, coach Hong Myung-bo plans to lead the team to the championship by emphasizing communication.

Coach Myung-bo Hong has prioritized communication within the team even when he was in charge of the Olympic team and the A team. Based on this, he won the medal (bronze medal) for the first time in Korean soccer history at the 2012 London Olympics. In addition, they are still respected by members of the London Olympics and have maintained a close relationship.

Coach Hong plans to communicate with the players through dialogue and body in Ulsan. “The problem in Ulsan last season was that we couldn’t win an important hurdle,” said Hong. “I should have played with confidence in the game, but this part was less than that of Jeonbuk. Winning mentality-related issues with players through dialogues We will deliver the value and responsibility of a professional player.”

In addition, he said, “In the past, I did not show the athletes a demonstration at the training ground. But this time, I will try to show the athletes with my body. I will make my body well during winter training.” The plan was also shown. In fact, during the first training in Ulsan on the 7th, coach Hong showed the appearance of getting closer by running the playground with the players.

Along with communication, coach Hong Myung-bo plans to create a free atmosphere by utilizing the individuality of the players. Coach Hong said, “Ulsan players are already adults, and they are the heads of a family. If they don’t only cause problems for the team, they will not take much trouble with activities outside of football.”

In addition, he expressed his intention to listen to the opinions of the players as much as possible regarding the team management, saying that he would make a decision through dialogue with the team regarding the appointment of the captain.

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