‘Community alone will not succeed; no investigation into my defeat’ | Thrikkakkara byelection | Sebastian Paul | Election

Kochi: Sebastian Paul, a fellow leftist, has said that the Church alone cannot win a candidate in Thrikkakara. If so, he would have won in 2016 in Thrikkakara. Part of the LDF’s current campaign then seemed to have won. He added that at present the LDF has a chance to win.

Sebastian Paul exemplifies his experience that a candidate cannot win by looking at caste and community alone. ‘Looking at the current excitement of the LDF, I wish I had one more chance to contest. Even though half of it was not working then, it was able to collect votes well. There has been no investigation into my defeat. Arun Kumar will be saddened by the loss of his candidature. But a communist would never express it. KV Thomas’s position is selfish, “said Sebastian Paul.

The encounter between PT Thomas and I was exemplary. In that way he had a good relationship with PT. Sebastian Paul said the LDF would get 20 votes, whatever the official position.

English Summary: Sebastian Paul on Thrikkakkara byelection

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