“Company of Heroes 3” Multiplayer Pre-Alpha Test Launches “Company of Heroes 3” on Steam tomorrow

Relic Entertainment and SEGA Europe Ltd. announced that players all over the world will be able to try the new “Company of Heroes 3” multiplayer pre-Alpha test tomorrow. The full version of the game is expected to be released in 2022. The latest game of the classic strategy game series returns. Players can go to the beautiful Mediterranean to challenge richer strategic levels and experience exciting battle scenes.

The multiplayer Pre-Alpha beta version allows players to connect online and get a glimpse of exciting new multiplayer battles. Players can experience four Italian maps in various game modes such as cooperative versus AI opponents, PvP competitive mode, small-scale combat against AI, etc., and try various old and new functions, such as tactical pause in small combat mode, vehicle side Side armor, vertical height change, legion, proficiency, etc. The two classic camps of the U.S. and the German army have returned to the two armies with unique capabilities that are sufficient to reverse the situation on the battlefield. Before the official release, other camps will be announced one after another, and an unprecedented rich content will be prepared.

On Relic’s social platform CoH-Development, since the announcement of the production of “Company of Heroes 3” and the Pre-Alpha preview version for the first time this summer, many enthusiastic players have shared their precious opinions. The studio really hopes to listen to the community’s opinions on the pre-alpha test of the multiplayer game this time, and collect as many opinions as possible before it can give players the largest and best multiplayer experience when it is officially released.

The Pre-Alpha beta version of “Company of Heroes 3” multiplayer game is now pre-loaded on Steam, and will be available from December 1st (Wed) 1:00 AM to December 7th (Tuesday) 12 noon Taiwan time play. Players who already have a COH-Development account and have played the first Pre-Alpha test, as long as they go to the Steam collection library to pre-load the multiplayer Pre-Alpha test version, they can play after opening. New players can register for a COH-Development account in the official community for free, and link the account to their Steam account to get the game tomorrow.



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