Company. Social networks: a danger for the self-esteem of young people?

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Social networks have dramatically changed the way people communicate and connect with each other. While these platforms have many benefits, such as the ability to stay in touch with distant friends and family, share ideas and interests, and keep up to date with news, there are also significant risks associated with their use, especially among young people.

In Cotonou, many young people recognize that one of the main problems related to the use of social networks is the impact on their self-esteem. Young people are often under constant pressure to conform to online beauty and popularity standards, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. Social networks are obviously fertile ground for teasing and harassment, which can have serious consequences on the mental health of young people.

Carine Monique Sedjro, psychologist tells us that the other risk linked to the use of social networks by young people is the disclosure of personal information. Young people may be tempted to share personal information about their personal and family life, place of residence and location, which may put them at risk of harassment or cyberbullying. It is also important to remember that information shared on social networks can be used for malicious purposes, such as identity theft.

Social networks can also cause addictions. Rosalie H. spends all day on TikTok. She assures us that she doesn’t have a job and that’s the only way for her to make ends meet right now. She hopes by posting videos to get more subscribers in order to monetize her new job: influencer. Young people can spend hours on social media, logging in regularly to see updates and notifications, which can affect their ability to focus on studies and outside activities. “It is important for parents and educators to monitor the time that young people spend on social networks and to teach them good practices for reasonable use” challenges the psychologist.

It is important to remember that social networks are not always an accurate reflection of reality. Young people can be exposed to a variety of misleading or misleading content, which can influence their opinions and attitudes in negative ways. In summary, social media is a powerful tool that can bring many benefits, but


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