Compare Home Ministry Permanent Secretary salary How much compensation do you get?

Compared to the salary of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior “Sutthipong Julcharoen”, how many baht per month?

From the case of the dissemination of a clip of the permanent secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Mr Suthipong Julcharoen, reprimanding civil servants during a meeting of the executives of the Ministry of the Interior via video telephony on December 27, 2022, which was a meeting to monitor work progress according to the policy government and important missions of the Ministry until it became a matter that was widely criticized Recently referred to explain the case. and apologized for the incident

For work history, Mr. Suthipong Julcharoen has served since 1988 as Deputy Chief Executive of Wang Nua District, Lampang Province and continued to grow in his duties until 1998, moving to help the civil service in the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs. to act as secretary for Mr Plakorn Suwannarat, Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Before moving to the post of deputy district officer and in 2006, he returned to head the minister’s office. Ministry of Interior, then in 2008 he became deputy governor of Samut Songkhram Province

  • Year 2009 as Deputy Governor of Nakhon Nayok Province in
  • In 2010, he became the youngest “Nakhon Nayok Governor”.
  • In 2012, he was moved to sit in the position of Inspector General of the Ministry of the Interior.
  • Year 2013 as Governor of Saraburi Province
  • Year 2014 as Governor of Chainat State
  • 2015 ascending to the position of Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of the Interior
  • Year 2017: Director General of the Department of Local Administration
  • Year 2019: Director General of the Community Development Department
  • Before the year 2021, he was appointed Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. until now

Salary for the position of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior What is expected that Mr. Suthipong Julcharoen receives it, compared to the information of the Civil Service Act (No. 2) 2015, it is found that the Permanent Secretary is in an administrative position, which is divided into 2 levels: Start to a higher level as follows:

Therefore, it can be assumed that the position of Permanent Secretary is at the highest management level. Which varies from a temporary minimum of 29,980 baht to a maximum of 76,800 baht.


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