Compensation paid to 4 Ayutthaya rescuers who were pumped by a water pipe at the bottom of the Pa Sak River, 2 died, 2 survived.

On March 27, reporters reported Ayutthaya Association executives join the hearts of the Ayutthaya Rescue Unit. Coordinated by the management of the Rojana Industrial Estate. On the issue of paying compensation to 4 divers who are the water rescue team of the Ayuthaya Rescue By paying a total of 2,550,000 baht, which is divided into compensation for death, which has 2 cases, asking for compensation of 1 million baht each and asking for compensation to 2 survivors, 100,000 baht each and the total cost of the 7 night funeral, another 3.5 hundred thousand baht

which will be recorded every day at the Nakhon Luang Police Station, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province in front of investigators part of the legal case Charged with negligence causing death to others which has been reported to the police, will continue

While Mr. revealed Niwat Rungsakorn, the governor of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, that he is coordinating with government agencies. that any other part of the money that will be used to help heal the rescue family who died and a survivor that will speed up the support in another way

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