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VS Achuthanandan will file an appeal against a court order seeking Rs 10.10 lakh in damages in a defamation suit filed by former chief minister Oommen Chandy alleging baseless corruption in the solar panel deal. The lower court ruled without considering the facts. Justice does not always come from the lower court. VS said that it was Oommen Chandy’s personal feeling that the remarks were defamatory.

VS, who was the Leader of the Opposition at the time, made the allegations in a channel interview on July 6, 2013 when Oommen Chandy was the Chief Minister. VS had alleged that Oommen Chandy had formed a solar company under the cover of Saritha Nair and had trapped 3.5 crore people. The allegations were that Oommen Chandy made crores by selling shares under the guise of the company and got all the money in his hands.

VS did not reply to the notice sent by Oommen Chandy against this. The case was then filed. VS, who said he stood by the allegation, did not produce any evidence. Direct appearance. VS’s lawyer summoned three people, including his private secretary and the state home secretary, as witnesses.



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