Compete for 3 weeks in a row! ‘Lost Ark’, 5th place thanks to Witcher collaboration

Invent Rank – Fierce competition for 5th place, this week, with the entry of ‘The Witcher’, Lost Ark

▲ Online Game Site (November 21st – November 27th)
(It is selected by collecting various indicators such as PC room usage rate, Inven user polling, and community response)

◎ Lost Ark, the official update of ‘The Witcher’ collaboration

– While ‘Lost Ark’ and ‘Valorant’ compete for 5th place for about 3 weeks in a row, this week, ‘Lost Ark’, which recently collaborated with CDPR’s masterpiece RPG series ‘The Witcher’ , landed in 5th place by far. This collaboration of ‘Lost Ark’ will be held until January 18th, and you can enjoy the content prepared through ‘Noddfa’r Blaidh Gwyn’, an island dedicated to the event. In addition, new avatars made with the concept of Geralt and Ciri are also for sale.

◎ ‘Twin’ new class announcement, black desert site rise

– ‘Black Desert’, which recently released a teaser for a new class, also rose one rank to 17th. The new classes that will appear as the first twin classes in Black Desert are ‘Maegu’ and ‘Usa’, and both classes will be updated on Black Desert Mobile (Maegu) and PC Black Desert (Usa), in the that order. More detailed information about the new class will be revealed at the Calpheon Banquet held on December 10th.

◎ ‘Super People’ showing a drop in concurrent users, preparing for a large-scale update in December

– Wonder People’s new battle, ‘Super People’, showed a downward trend of 6 places compared to last week. The result of the number of concurrent users, which has gradually decreased since its release, seems to have had some effect. Super People recorded the highest number of concurrent users of about 47,000 on the Steam chart right after the Steam launch, but after about two months, the highest number of concurrent users in the game has dropped to 19,000.

Super People will have a large scale update in December. In order to revive rapid growth and rapid battles, we have prepared a major reorganization plan, and in the process, class levels and gun ratings are also scheduled to be simplified. We will have to wait and see if we can reverse the steps of the users who left the game with a large scale update.

Domestic PC room site – PC room weekly report for the 4th week of November

▲ PC room utilization rate across the country for the 4th week of November (data provided by Thelog)

◎ Last week, the total number of hours used in PC rooms nationwide was 16.76 million, a decrease of 0.3% from the previous week

– According to Thelog, a statistics service for PC rooms, the total number of hours used in PC rooms nationwide last week was 16.76 million hours, down 0.4% from the previous week. This is an increase of 4.9% since the previous month and 1.0% since the previous year. The average weekly operating rate of PC cafes was 14.5%, recording an average of 12.4% during the week and 19.7% at weekends.

◎ FIFA Online 4, unprecedented progress thanks to the special ‘Qatar World Cup’

– It was a week when FIFA Online 4 was strong in PC rooms across the country thanks to the ‘Qatar World Cup’. Last week, it showed a 27.6% increase in usage time again a significant increase in usage time, and as a result, it recorded a weekly share of 16.96%. Due to this upward trend, ‘League of Legends’, the undisputed number one, saw a 4.4% decrease in usage time compared to the previous week, and its weekly share also fell below 40% to 37.99%.

▲ National PC gaming ranking for the 4th week of November (data provided by Thelog)

Steam game trend of the week

▲ Steam user statistics site (data source: SteamDB)

◎ Trending Steam Game of the Week: ‘Battlefield V’

– This week’s Steam Trends indicator featured games from EA just in time for the Steam Fall Sale season. In particular, ‘Battlefield V’ has the most active user influx, and the number of new users is believed to have increased rapidly following the news of the 90% drop. Until the autumn discount, the number of concurrent users of ‘Battlefield V’ maintained almost 5,000, but after the discount, it recorded the highest number of concurrent users, close to 40,000.

Additionally, during this Steam Fall event, you can buy EA’s past games at deep discounts. Similarly, in the case of ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’, which is listed on the trend index, an 85% discount is available for purchase at KRW 6,600. The EA Fall Sale runs until the 29th at 10:00 AM local time.

◎ Apex Legends, Black Friday special sale

– EA’s battle royale game ‘Apex Legends’, which is constantly receiving love around the world, will be holding a special Black Friday event until December 3rd. We sell Octane and Flatline weapon skins that can be purchased for a limited time via Apex Coin, an in-game currency, and we also have an APEX Pack that can be purchased for a one-time purchase only. The site seems to have declined relatively since the release of Warzone 2.0, but it is cruising with the highest number of concurrent players nearing 340,000.

◎ 70,000 concurrent users with pre-play beta, ‘Tide Tide’ released on the 30th

– On the other hand, ‘Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide’, which is not yet officially released, recorded the highest number of concurrent users at 70,000 only during the pre-play beta stage provided to pre-buyers order. Whether it will be reborn as a 4-person co-op shooter that has been a sensation for a long time, as the official statement is about to be released on the 30th, indicators are expected next week.

▲ Steam Trend Indicator (source: SteamDB)

Domestic mobile gaming site

▲ Mobile game sales ranking on 27 November (data source: Mobile Index)
▲ Google Play sales ranking on 28 November

◎ ‘Neural Cloud’, released on the 23rd, ranked 8th in Google sales

– The Girls frontline development team’s new game, ‘Neural Cloud’, which was officially released on the 23rd, was listed on the Google Play sales chart in less than a week after its release. As of today (28th), the game’s sales position is 8th, up two parts from yesterday. As a result, one subculture game has been added to the top 10 in Google Play, and it shows the appearance of sharing the leaderboard with games called ‘Lineage Like’.

◎ FIFA Online 4M recaptured 2nd place in app store sales

– The ‘Qatar World Cup’ special went to FIFA Online 4 regardless of online or mobile. During the last weekend, ‘FIFA Online 4 M’, which showed a drop in sales in the App Store, immediately regained second place. Although it is smaller than the Google Play Store in Korea, it is gaining strength between Tangtang Commandos and Goddess of Victory: Nike, which consistently holds the No. 1 spot. As there are still a number of events linked to the World Cup, it is worth looking forward to the future rankings.

◎ Tower of Fantasy, ranked 5th in one-store sales

– On the other hand, Perfect World’s mobile game ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which has been difficult to check for a while, appeared on the one-store leaderboard after a long time. It seems to be following the update on the 22nd, and the new character ‘Rin’ has contributed to the rebound in the rankings to some extent. With this update, new battle content covering one person Choi Chu was also released.

▲ Popular mobile games site on 27 November (data source: Mobile Index)

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