Complaint that he was cheated by buying 93 Pawan gold and 9 lakh rupees; Police officer under arrest

Ottapalam ∙ A police officer was arrested in the case of cheating two people by buying gold and silver. ASI of Valanchery police station, Malappuram native Tavanur Aryasree (47) was arrested by Ottapalam police.

The complaint is that he cheated by buying 93 Pawans of gold and one and a half lakh rupees from a native of Pashyannoor, Thrissur and seven and a half lakh rupees from a native of Ottapalam without returning it. The police said that in 2017, the gold was taken from a native of Pasayannur by promising to return the gold and a profit of Rs 3 lakh within a year. The police said that after this they bought Rs.1.5 lakh from them in 3 stages. Aryasree and a native of Pasayannur are schoolmates. The transactions were done in the city of Ottapalam. When the gold and silver were not returned, the woman from Pasayannur approached the police with a complaint.

Two years ago, seven and a half lakh rupees were taken from the native of Ottapalam. It is reported that he took the money saying he wanted to start the industry. 2 cases were registered on the complaints of both and the arrest was made. The court remanded them. Malappuram District Police Chief has detained Aryasree pending investigation, police said.

English summary : Policewoman arrested in cheating case


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