Complete transfer decision of Yugo Tatsuta to Kashiwa Reysol | Shimizu S-Pulse official website


We would like to inform you that Yugo Tatsuta has decided to make a permanent transfer to Kashiwa Reysol.



Shizuoka Prefecture

【Date of birth】

June 21, 1998

【height, weight】


[hanes chwaraewr]

Irie SSS – Shimizu SS Club – Shimizu S-Pulse Junior Youth – Shimizu S-Pulse Youth – Shimizu S-Pulse

[Gyrfa gynrychioliadol]

J League Selection U-13, U-17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Japan national team, Japan national team

【2022 Results】

J1 League (26 games/0 goals), League Cup (4 games/0 goals), Emperor’s Cup (2 games/0 goals)

[Cyfanswm perfformiad]

J1 League (124 games/3 goals), League Cup (22 games/0 goals), Emperor’s Cup (11 games/0 goals)


“To everyone involved with Shimizu S-Pulse, thank you for your continued support. I made the decision to move this time. First of all, I believe there are pros and cons about this transfer, but I have a strong desire to challenge myself to achieve my goals and dreams, so I gave my own answer. For a long time, Shimizu S-Pulse has allowed me to grow in different ways, and I would like to express my gratitude to everyone involved with S-Pulse. Without a doubt, Shimizu S-Pulse was everything to me and is an irreplaceable club. That is why we will further extend what we have handled in S-Pulse and open our own path. Finally, to all fans and supporters, please continue to support Shimizu S-Pulse.”

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