Completed 50 cars! Locomotive “Ultraman” China delivered the last batch of 15 cars according to the contract.

The last lot of 15 cars has arrived! The diesel-electric locomotive “Ultraman” from China has arrived at Laem Chabang Port on time, a total of 50 vehicles according to the contract, SRT expedited the inspection and tested them for service at Bangkok Apiwat Central Station.

Today (28 January 2023) Facebook, the public relations team of the State Railway of Thailand has revealed the progress of preparation for the new QSY (Ultraman) locomotive!!! Another 15 cars, completion of the contract, 50 cars to support services at Krunthep Apiwat Central Station.

because the train has a locomotive acquisition Size 16 tons/axle weight (U16) in the amount of 50 cars to serve in passenger trains. and freight trains to replace the old locomotive which is over 40 years old

by this new locomotive The official name is QSY, but many people know him as Ultraman.

In the past, 35 trains have been inspected and tested for service.

Most recently, on January 26, 2023, another 15 QSY locomotives were delivered, together with a total of 50 cars.

the QSY locomotive supports service at Bangkok Apiwat Central Station Has an ETCS Level 1 signaling system on board

In the next order, there will be testing in different areas in order to inspect and accept the locomotive for use in the next order

For Spec, QSY locomotive

electric diesel locomotive (with engine, generator, drive motor), AC-DC-AC transmission system, Co-Co carriage format (6 shafts, 3 shafts per set), the driver’s position (PorKhor.) is on the right side of the a car

Able to drive in the highest conditions of the railway, such as a maximum slope of 25/mile, a maximum altitude of 650 above sea level. and can run on the standard train route

The maximum speed of the train is not less than 120 km/h.

by dividing the testing measures into 3 forms:

commuter train
– speed not less than 120 km/h at a loading weight of 550 tonnes
– speed not less than 100 km/h at a loading weight of 1000 tonnes

freight train
– speed not less than 70 km/h at a loading weight of 2100 tonnes

at all costs Able to run on hills with a maximum slope of 25/mile, a curve radius of 180 meters and a maximum altitude of 650 above sea level. at a loading weight of 650 tonnes

– The locomotive has a camera to take pictures. front, rear and trailer corners with continuous recording for safety

– A fuel tank can hold at least 4,500 litres

– Locomotive tow hook is the standard AAR format, it is an automatic tow hook.

For the diesel electric locomotive (Locomotif Diesel Electric), the new model “Ultraman”, the axle weight of 16 tons / axle with spare parts, SRT signed a contract for the supply of diesel electric locomotives. 16 tons/axle press weight with 50 spare parts, total 6,525 million baht with SFR joint venture on August 31, 2020.

with a specific period of delivery of locomotives, divided into Phase 1, not less than 20 vehicles within a period of 540 days from the date of signing or within Feb. 2022 by SRT. Received the first 29 cars from China on February 4, 2022.

As for Phase 2, the remaining 30 cars must be delivered within 915 days of the signing date or within February 2023, which is split into 2 sets of 15 cars each, with the first set is delivered to Laem Chabang Port. f.) on October 28, 2022, which has been inspected and tested and gradually brought into service, while the last 15 cars were delivered to Thailand on January 28, 2023.

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