Completing quest operations; Ambulance left with dead bodies – Vadakkancherry Accident

Kochi ∙ Villagers and locals with coconuts in Aksharamuttam, which turned into a field of tears before dawn. The bodies of the five students who died in an accident in Palakkad Vadakancheri were brought to Mulanthurutthi Basilius Vidyaniketan School for public viewing at 3 pm. The college sheds tears for the loss of dear students. Leader of the opposition VD Satheesan also paid his last respects. The dead teacher’s body was not taken for public viewing as he tested positive for Covid-19.

Mulanthuruthi and Thiruvaniyur observe a hartal following the death of the children and their beloved teacher. Markets here are closed after noon. The dead are all from these two areas.

Arakunnam Chitteth CS. Emmanuel (17), Anjanam Anjana Ajith (17) from Valiyakulam, Diya Rajesh (15) from Painkarapally Rashmi Nilayam, Chris Winterborne Thomas from Pota and Elna Jose (15) from Chemmanad Vemblimamat are the students who died in the accident. Another is Vishnu, the school’s sports teacher. The other three deceased were passengers of a KSRTC bus.


When the pandal was held in front of the school to pay the last students died in the accident.

Meanwhile, teacher Vishnu has been confirmed to have Covid in the RTPCR test, so it is unlikely that he will be seen in public. It is known that the culture will follow the Covid protocol.



The students and teacher Vishnu died in the accident

Yesterday evening around 6:30 pm, the students, who left for Ooty on an excursion to say goodbye to their loved ones, met with a tragedy before reaching half way. The school’s sports teacher, three students from class 10 and two students from two died in the accident.

English Summary: Vadakkancherry Bus Accident – Continuity

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