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A hydrogen production base, which will become the bridgehead of the hydrogen energy era, capable of supplying 430,000 hydrogen vehicles annually, has entered the metropolitan area for the first time.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy announced on the 27th that it would hold a completion ceremony on the 27th after completing the construction of the Pyeongtaek hydrogen production base in Asan National Industrial Complex, Poseung-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do.

From 2019, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy has been planning to build small-scale hydrogen production bases that supply hydrogen fuel using city gas near demanding areas in order to solve the regional bias in the supply of hydrogen for vehicles produced in petrochemical complexes such as Daesan, Ulsan, and Yeosu in 7 regions across the country. is being promoted in

The completion of the Pyeongtaek hydrogen production base is the second after the Changwon production base, which has been in operation since the end of last year, and the first in the metropolitan area.

Initially, the Ministry of Industry (5 billion KRW) budget was invested with the goal of producing 1 ton of hydrogen per day, but since then, Gyeonggi-do, Pyeongtaek, and the private sector have invested an additional 18.15 billion KRW in consideration of the future growth of hydrogen demand, raising the maximum hydrogen production to 7 tons per day. has been enlarged This is a scale capable of supplying fuel to 430,000 hydrogen cars per year.

In addition to fuel for vehicles, Pyeongtaek City plans to expand the supply of hydrogen for home and industrial use to nearby hydrogen pilot cities and Pyeongtaek Port in accordance with the ‘Hydrogen Complex Development Plan’ that is being envisioned to realize carbon neutrality.

The Pyeongtaek base is expected to start producing hydrogen from next month after undergoing a test run, and the operation of the Pyeongtaek base is expected to contribute to lowering the hydrogen distribution price and strengthening the technological competitiveness of the domestic hydrogen industry.

The 33 hydrogen refueling stations in the metropolitan area are expected to reduce transportation costs by 50% by switching their suppliers from remote locations such as Daesan Petrochemical Complex to the Pyeongtaek production base.

In some of the production processes of the Pyeongtaek base, a domestic hydrogen refiner developed by the Energy Technology Research Institute and commercialized by Wonil T&I, a domestic company, designated as an innovative prototype by the Public Procurement Service in 2020 was used. If production performance is accumulated in the future, it is expected to expand the domestic use of this facility and enter overseas markets.

To realize carbon neutrality, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy plans to complete the currently planned seven small-scale hydrogen production bases (natural gas-based) by the end of this year, and additionally support the construction of clean hydrogen production bases with water electrolysis and carbon capture functions by 2026.

Il-Jun Park, 2nd Vice Minister of Industry, Park Il-Jun, attended the groundbreaking ceremony and said, “The Pyeongtaek production base will become an important foundation that will lead the transition from the metropolitan area to the hydrogen economy era.” We plan to promptly promote institutional support, such as opening the

Inquiries: Hydrogen Industry Division, Hydrogen Economy Policy Office, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (044-203-3975)

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