Completion of the establishment of a pro-government system for Chairman Cho Won-tae

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On the 12th, Hanjin Group conducted regular executive personnel appointments to complete the establishment of a parental system for Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Won-tae and to start the owner management in earnest. In the executive reshuffle that took place in two years and two months, Ryu Kyung-pyo, vice president of Hanjin Co., Ltd., was promoted to president and moved to the holding company, Hanjin Cal, president and CEO. Hanjin Group explained, “It has been recognized for its wide range of achievements, such as strengthening competitiveness and financial soundness in the group’s overall core logistics business, and improving corporate governance.” Tae-soo Seok, CEO of Hanjin-Kal, who was a close aide to the late Chairman Yang-ho Cho, resigned at the end of his term as an inside director, following the resignation of vice-chairman of Korean Air two years ago.

In addition, Hanjin Group promoted Lee Seung-beom, vice president of Korean Air, to Korea Airports president, Park Byeong-ryul, Korean Air managing director, Jin Air, and Kwon Oh-joon, Korean Air managing director, Jeongseok Enterprise. The three promoted persons were appointed as new CEOs of each company. Ahn Gyo-wook, managing director of Hanjin Tourism, also took over as the new CEO. The new CEOs will be appointed through the resolution of the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders.

Chairman Cho Won-tae’s younger brother Cho Hyun-min, vice president of Hanjin Co., Ltd., was also promoted to president from this personnel appointment. It has been exactly one year since I became the executive vice president of future growth strategy and marketing in January last year. Even at that time, considering that he was promoted within four months of becoming the managing director in charge of marketing, it is said that he rose to the position of president at a very high speed. In response, Hanjin Group said, “New CEO Cho is discovering Hanjin’s future growth engine and laying the foundation for sustainable growth. In particular, new trends such as Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are We have also built the industry’s first ‘logitainment’ that combines logistics and culture,” he explained. The shared value creation (CSV) performance, which established an eco-friendly logistics foundation and realized social value creation based on it, also served as a basis for rapid promotion.

However, the CEO of Hanjin Co., Ltd. will be replaced by President Roh Sam-seok, who was promoted together this time. New President Roh is evaluated to have secured a growth engine by achieving the highest performance since its foundation, securing a new container terminal in Busan New Port, and establishing a pharmaceutical logistics service base. In addition, Hanjin Group promoted Jong-seok Yoo, Executive Vice President of Korea Airport, and Jeong-ho Choi, Executive Vice President of Jin Air, to executive vice presidents of Korean Air. Korean Air is planning to conduct personnel appointments at a later date according to the progress of the business combination review with Asiana Airlines.

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