Comprehensive 2AM Jo Kwon I spent 8 years trying to do this… Lee Chang-min, the first brother I saw and cried

2AM / Photo = JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ broadcast screen capture

Group 2AM’s Jo Kwon mentioned about his first meeting with Lee Chang-min, who was cast as the last member.

2AM appeared as a transfer student in JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’, which aired on the 15th.

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Chang-min revealed that it was 7 years of rubber shoes as a special matter. Lee Chang-min said, “I went to the army early. I made my debut right after I was 23 years old. My younger brothers did not go to the army. I waited for each one in turn, but 7 years passed. So only rubber shoes did not wear backwards for 7 years.”

2AM / Photo = JTBC 'Knowing Bros' broadcast screen capture
2AM / Photo = JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ broadcast screen capture

Min Kyung-hoon asked, “Then Changmin didn’t do any promotions?” Seulong Lim replied, “I did a lot of activities by myself.” Jinwoon Jeong said, “I even made a ballad team in Japan.” Changmin Lee explained, “I did some activities in Japan. As of the recording date, the song I wrote was released yesterday.” It turns out that Lee Chang-min was in charge of composing and writing the lyrics for Cosmic Girls’ Jjokomi’s ‘Super Sure’.

After hearing Lee Chang-min’s record, Seo Jang-hoon said, “Isn’t it a rubber shoe? It’s not that I smoked everything I was going to cheat on, met everyone else, and came back and waited 7 years for the rubber shoes.” After hearing this, Changmin Lee said, “Then you should see it as a dolshing”, bringing laughter. Kang Ho-dong also talked about Lee Chang-min’s appearance. Heechul Kim asked, “Did you touch it?” Seulong Lim said, “It’s the same. I had this face in my mid-20s. It was a bit like that back then, but I kept my face now. My face now matches my age,” said Im Seulong.

Jo Kwon said, “I cried when I first saw Changmin.” Seulong Lim added, “I cried a lot in front of me.” Hearing the news of the new member joining, he said he watched Lee Chang-min’s audition video. Jo Kwon made everyone burst into laughter by explaining, “I opened the laptop with a trembling heart and pressed the space bar, but as soon as I saw (video) I cried. Did I wait 8 years for this?” Changmin Lee said, “The flow cannot go like this.”

2AM / Photo = JTBC 'Knowing Bros' broadcast screen capture
2AM / Photo = JTBC ‘Knowing Bros’ broadcast screen capture

Jo Kwon explained, “Before (Lee Chang-min) went on a diet, he weighed over 100 kg and had about 50 moles on his face.” Changmin Lee corrected it right away, but Seulong Lim said, “I went to pick up the points and got a 50% discount, but it came out to 150,000 won.” Jo Kwon explained, “Now, I’m used to being in Gaecheon.” “We are idols too, and we had high expectations for it, but the professor was singing.” Changmin Lee said, “It’s my life, shouldn’t I live hard?”

Jo Kwon said, “I think Changmin hyung is number one. My mother also looked at the photo of this album’s jacket and said, ‘Oh my, is this Changmin?'” Heechul Kim said, “I beat him and give him carrots.” Changmin Lee made everyone laugh by helping, saying, “I don’t give and take away, I bite a carrot and hit it.” Changmin Lee revealed that he was ranked 3rd in terms of his appearance.

Seulong Lim, who claimed to be 2AM’s keeper, said, “I was the producer of this album. We are all in different companies now. We promised to get together again 7 years ago. 2AM activities are the first thing to catch up,” he said. When the brothers asked why Park Jin-young didn’t catch him, Jeong Jin-woon said, “When my contract with JYP expired, Park Jin-young PD bought me something delicious and said, ‘You will find your own color wherever you go and do it well’. So, he introduced Mystic. ‘ he replied.

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