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Comprehensive contribution to art and cinema; Actor Madhavan D-Lit degree

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TheIndian actor Madhavan D-Lit (Doctor of Letters) degree. Recognition is given for comprehensive contributions to art and cinema. The actor was honored with the Doctor of Letters award at the ninth convocation ceremony of the DY Patil Education Society.

In his reply speech, Madhavan said that he accepts this recognition with love and respect and that it inspires him to choose new projects that raise challenges.

He is a notable actor in Bollywood and South Indian films alike. Madhavan. Madhavan started his acting career in Hindi on the mini screen and made a name for himself in the Tamil film Mani Ratnam’s Alipayute. Later, the actor gave many good characters to the fans. Madhavan’s latest Tamil film ‘Mara’ is a remake of the Malayalam film Charlie.

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