Comprehensive examination ♥ Han Ji-hye’s porridge with all her strength to lose 11 kg Eat rice in soy sauce Pyeon Restaurant

Han Ji-hye / Photo = Screenshot from KBS2’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’

Actress Han Ji-hye revealed that she lost 11 kg after giving birth to her first daughter after 11 years of marriage.

In KBS2’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’, which aired on the 26th, Han Ji-hye talked about her diet secret.

On the broadcast this day, Han Ji-hye revealed that she is troubled between her mother and the actress. He started training at home in the morning. Han Ji-hye also had a different way of exercising. Han Ji-hye started the 1.5x fast diet. Increase the intensity and speed of exercise. Han Ji-hye said, “Pick up the pace. If you don’t exercise, you won’t lose weight. You can’t control it just by eating.”

Han Ji-hye / Photo = Screenshot from KBS2's 'New Release Pyeonstorang'

Han Ji-hye / Photo = Screenshot from KBS2’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’

Next to Han Ji-hye was her daughter Yoon-seul. Han Ji-hye went on a diet with childcare at the same time. However, Yoon Seul-i lost interest in sports. Then I turned to the remote control on the couch and turned off the TV. Han Ji-hye hastily started practicing again.

Chef Lee Yeon-bok said, “I think it will be enough exercise just by watching my children all day.” After hearing this, Han Ji-hye said, “It’s a little different from that and exercise.” Han Ji-hye was exhausted from the early hours.

Han Ji-hye said, “Raising a child is difficult. Physically, I hit the limit, and if I try to control myself, I neglect the child, and if I focus on childcare, I’m neglecting myself. It seems to be a constant coming and going of a mother.”

Han Ji-hye / Photo = Screenshot from KBS2's 'New Release Pyeonstorang'

Han Ji-hye / Photo = Screenshot from KBS2’s ‘New Release Pyeonstorang’

In addition, Han Ji-hye said, “I want to see my child grow up, but I also want to start a job. An actor’s job is a job that requires casting, so let’s prepare again. I don’t know when I return, but I’m still preparing. I think it would be nice to be.”

Han Ji-hye said, “Mothers always fight with guilt. Taking care of me makes my mind and body feel better, but I feel sorry for the child. Taking care of the child makes me sick Mr said.

Han Ji-hye said, “I lost 1 kg more than before I gave birth. I lost 11 kg. I lost it with all my strength.” What is the secret of Han Ji-hye’s 11kg weight loss? Han Ji-hye’s diet secret was cream cheese. He continued to train at home along with the evening news, like eating in a bowl like soy sauce. Han Ji-hye attracted attention by presenting diet recipes such as tofu cream cheese and carrot latte made without cheese.

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia

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