COMPUTEX 2023 COUGAR showcases Panzer 800 and open chassis Cratus

At COMPUTEX Taipei, COUGAR brought a new full tower chassis, the Panzer 800. It is as sturdy as a vehicle and looks like a chassis tank The chassis can be installed with an E-ATX motherboard and provides 4 USB 3.0 ports and 3.5 sources sound mm. With RGB buttons and fan speed control.

In terms of heat dissipation, the front mesh panel can have heat dissipation and anti-dust effects, and supports a maximum 420mm radiator, a 190mm high air-cooled tower fan, and a maximum of 12 fans; while the internal parts support E-ATX Expansion for motherboard, 460mm GPU, 2x 3.5″ HDD and 4x 2.5″ SSD.

The COUGAR Cratus open case was also displayed on site. The C-shaped steel elbow was used as the structure of the case, presenting elegant lines and interesting hardware configurations. The internal high-end components were displayed with tempered glass.

COUGAR’s live broadcast package was also on display at the venue, and of course this ergonomic Terminator chair, with a keel shape imitating the spine, makes the e-sports chair different from the generally public version, and it has quite comfortable back support.

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