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Kannur ∙ Son Bineesh Kodiyeri shared a touching note about late CPM leader Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. The Facebook note talks in detail about a fellow called Kodiyeri, about his father and about friendship regardless of the party. Bineesh remembers his father by quoting the words of the leaders who comforted him during and after his death.

Marking Kodiyeri, Pinarayi is incomplete without Vijayan and marking Pinarayi is incomplete without Kodiyeri. The other was when Oommen Chandy’s uncle came home to meet us. That arrival made him realize the strong bond between him and his father. When Speaker Shamseer came home that day, he said to Uncle: ‘Sir, we didn’t think you would come here at this time, I know about Sir’s relationship with Balakrishnetan’. Then the uncle said: ‘This is my family too, I can’t stay here’ – said Bineesh.

From Beneesh’s note:

First of all, let me express my thanks and love to everyone who comforted us, comforted us, knew our father and loved our father. I don’t know what to write and how to say it. We never think of having to go through such a situation in our life. Only with Kodiieri’s death can one understand what Kodiieri was, how he was and how Kodiieri was marked in people’s hearts during his lifetime. Father was close to so many people or people.


When Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yachury reached the Payyambalam crematorium in Kannur with the dead body of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. Elamaram Karim MP, Polit Bureau Member MA Baby, Ministers KN Balagopal, PA Muhammad Riaz, State Secretary MV Govindan, Polit Bureau members A. Vijayaraghavan, Prakash Karat, G. Ramakrishnan, Central Committee Member EP Jayarajan, District Secretary MV Jayarajan, Minister VN Vasavan, AA Rahim MP, senior leader Ger S. Ramachandran Pillai etc. Photo: Sameer A. Hamid ∙ Manorama

Many people still write and talk about Kodiyeri. In that, what I noticed the most was not about the Kodiieri that everyone had heard written about, but the experiences they all had directly from Kodiieri in their lives. When I think about how it was to be directly connected to so many comrades or people, I realize that my father, through his own life, is actually a textbook of what a political activist should be. What my father was in my life is not something that can be written down in just one note, and I don’t know if it can be written down at all.

I would like to record here Kodiyeri’s experiences that I saw as a son and as a comrade, or the experiences reported by people who knew my father. One of the main things that comes to mind when I write about my father is that my father never told us that we should be present in life, talk to people who are in this state, and connect with the some are in this condition. We were given freedom to think, say and act on our own. We know in what ways the father had an impact on everyone’s life.


Activists offering salute at Muzhapilangad on the national highway as the dead body of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was brought to the CPM Kannur district committee office.  Image: Manorama

Activists offering salute at Muzhapilangad on the national highway as the dead body of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was brought to the CPM Kannur district committee office. Image: Manorama

Many leaders usually do not have a relationship with everyone there once they are in place. About my father, when he went to a place, he came back with a memorable experience or event in the life of everyone there. After my father’s death, we had a powerful realization that thoughts about my father could change into my father’s perspective. It has been days since my father returned. So many people still come to see us.

The people who came to see my father after his death, the people who came to see us, and the people who are still coming, make me realize that there are still many steps for my father . Even needy people come from afar. There is no need for people who are so disadvantaged to come and see us with such hardship, yet they do. They go to Payyambalam for nothing, to see the place, to meet their father. We learn who and what their father was. I know how much my father has given love and comfort in their lives. Many people came carrying two or three people, very weak people. My father was most loved by his comrades, his people and other political workers.



Kodiyeri Balakrishnan with his sons​​​​Binoy Kodiyeri and Bineesh Kodiyeri. Image: Manorama

Kodiyeri marking is incomplete without Pinarayi and Pinarayi marking is incomplete without Kodiyeri. Another was when Uncle Oommen Chandy came home to see us, and that visit made us realize the strong bond between him and my father. Comrade Kanam spoke about his relationship with Kodiyeri for almost 42 years. He said that no other secretary listened to any issue properly and strengthened the frontline relationship as much. Kunhalikutty Sahib’s relationship with his father also comes to mind. MA Yousafali comforts and keeps our family together even after his death. Yusafalika said she wanted to start a shopping mall for the first time in Kerala and about the time her father intervened for it. He said I have an endless relationship with Baleton

As I leave the AKG Centre, I feel that my father has influenced every aspect of life as a clear voice in the midst of noise, as the voice of love alone. We have to live in the present without a father. The ache and pain of realizing that a new beginning can take time to heal. But with the strength given by his father, he will travel with this party until death. Comrade Kodiyeri – My father was such a loving person.

English Summary: Bineesh Kodiyeri remembers the late father Kodiyeri Balakrishnan

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