Concern for Closing People I'm sorry that it's 'Pre-Dementia';

Concern for Closing People I'm sorry that it's 'Pre-Dementia';

On Friday, Joe Scarborough from the MSNBC said that people close to the President had expressed concern about "dementia."

“The closest people said that they feared a mental decline,” said Scarborough. “People who were very close to him said he was afraid he was pre-dementia, he had changed. You look at Donald Trump in the late 1980s, even in the 90s, watching it now, it's changed completely. ”

It contrasted with the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who considers it to be acute.

Mika Brzezinski cut in: “sharp as a support.”

Trump and Pelosi have raised their attacks on mental well-being over the last few days following the submission of the Thursday infrastructure meeting.

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