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Concerns about dam collapse in heavy rain… Hawaiian Emergency Declaration | Morning & Now

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It is a time to organize the news from inside and outside the country that came overnight. It is news that an emergency has occurred in Hawaii, where heavy rain has poured out. Let’s find out by connecting to the press office.

Reporter Park Ji-yoon, it rained so much that there was a concern that the dam could collapse?


On the 8th of local time, rain has not stopped all over Hawaii even after 335mm of heavy rain poured down in Maui County, Hawaii.

Hawaii Governor David Ige declared an emergency on the 10th local time to help flood victims quickly.

The governor predicted that bad weather would continue until the 12th.

Flash floods have destroyed bridges and roads and damaged houses throughout the state of Hawaii.

Currently, 1 person is missing.

In Maui County, the Kaupakalua Dam has cracked, raising concerns about collapse.

In Honolulu, as a river flooded, residents evacuated to high ground.


The UN Special Rapporteur for North Korean Human Rights has recommended the Korean government. Are you saying that you should include human rights issues when negotiating with North Korea?


Thomas Quintana, UN Special Rapporteur for North Korean Human Rights, submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council on the 10th local time.

In the report, Rapporteur Thomas recommended implementing the North Korean Human Rights Act passed by the South Korean National Assembly in 2016, including the establishment of the North Korean Human Rights Foundation.

He then urged the victims and defectors to cooperate with the Siman group so that they can continue to fight.

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He also urged them not to place restrictions on the freedom of communication to facilitate exchanges with North Koreans.

He continued, “The Security Council urged that if North Korea commits serious human rights violations, it should be referred to the International Criminal Court.”

North Korea was expected to rebel on this day, but did not attend the board of directors.

The North Korean human rights resolution was adopted continuously from 2003 to last year.

It seems that the Human Rights Council will adopt the North Korean human rights resolution on the 23rd this year.


Chairman Bach became the chairman of the International Olympics for four more years. Have you once again revealed your commitment to the Tokyo Olympics?


IOC chairman Thomas Bach ran for the next IOC chairman’s election.

As a result of the general assembly voting, it was reappointed with 93 votes in favor, 1 vote against and 4 abstentions.

Chairman Bach will take office after the closing of the Tokyo Olympics on August 8.

The term of office is 4 years, until 2025.

Chairman Bach stressed that “about 270 World Cups and World Championships have been held since September of last year,” he said.

He said, “This is evidence that international conventions can be held while keeping everyone in good health.”

Chairman Bach said, “There is no doubt that the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will be held on July 23rd.”

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