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Concubine Kwon Eun opens a new chapter in her debut with “OPEN” to show her personal touch | IZ*ONE | Jung Rui-in | Lovelyz

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[Epoch Times News on August 24, 2021](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Zeng Weixin) Today (24th), Kwon Eun, who was once the captain of the limited-time girl group IZ*ONE, released her first solo mini album “OPEN” Solo Debut. Eunha revealed that the members of IZ*ONE cheered for her and also admitted that she was nervous about Solo’s debut. She actively participated in the production of her first album “OPEN”, indicating that she will show new colors with this work.

In the evening “KWON EUN BI 1st MINI ALBUM’OPEN’ SHOWCASE” live event, Eun Fei opened her performance with the album “Blue Eyes”. She said in today’s press conference and evening Showcase that the name of the new album “OPEN” stands for “open”, and it also symbolizes that she wants to bring new colors and show herself in a new space as a Solo singer.

En Fei said that members of IZ*ONE came to cheer for her on the spot when she was shooting the MV, and they also sent messages to encourage her. She also came to cheer for her during the Showcase rehearsal, and she felt that she had gained strength. On this day, Eun Fei also released the photos of Cai Yan and Min Zhou (Min Zhou) to explore the class in the limited-time news of personal official IG, IZ*ONE Cai Yan, Nako, Renmi, Rui Na, Min Zhou, Cai Yuan, Hye Won They also cheer for En Fei in the limited time dynamic of personal official IG.

In the evening “KWON EUN BI 1st MINI ALBUM’OPEN’ SHOWCASE” live broadcast event, Eun Fei appeared with the exclusive microphone used in the IZ*ONE period, and some sharp-eyed fans found that Eun Fei was wearing the IZ*ONE group ring this day. (Group ring). En Fei said many times during the event that she felt very nervous at the first Solo event, but she would try her best to bring good performances to everyone.

She used to act as a member of IZ*ONE. She frankly said that when she was interviewed for Solo’s debut recently, she felt that she is now alone, and she was also alone at the press conference today. These experiences made her have a deeper understanding of Solo’s debut. Feel. Eun Fei revealed that the preparation time for this album was very short. For this reason, she was a little worried about everyone’s reaction, but she still tried her best to produce the work. People discuss and exchange opinions.

She also opened two albums in the live broadcast and named the two albums “IN (white)” and “OUT (black)” versions. In addition to amused fans by saying “It’s cute!” when introducing the album card, Eun Fei also mentioned that she has received many fan letters, so she prepared a handwritten “in her first solo album” Reply”.

When the host asked “Who do you want to give the signed album first?”, she talked about Yein (Yein) of the girl group Lovelyz, who is also a member of Woollim Entertainment’s girl group. Write some love messages to her when giving the album.

En Fei also introduced the six songs included in the album one by one at the event. She mentioned that “Door” was chosen as the main song because the song is very good. This song is also the song that she participated in writing lyrics. The name of the song symbolizes “When you open the door, you can see the various appearances of Enfei.”

Because Lovelyz’s captain Baby Soul (Lee Suhyun) participated in the recording of the song “Amigo (Feat. Baby Soul)”, she also stated that she had been taken care of by Baby Soul since the birth of practice, and she took this occasion to express her gratitude. Speaking of the favorite lyrics in the included song “Blue Eyes”, Eun Fei chose “Like a new and reborn fate (새롭게태어나게되는운명같아)” and indicated that the lyrics contained the meaning of welcoming a new departure.

As for “비오는길 (Raining Road)”, which she participated in the creation of lyrics and music, Eun Fei admits that she is not very good at lyric music, and that she has not challenged her in this field. She also mentioned that it happened to be raining in South Korea. You can listen to this song before going to bed.

Eun Fei said that the last song of the album “Eternity” is a song with “thank you”, and this song is sung for fans who continue to guard her and trust her. She also talked about herself as a person with little self-confidence, so the praise and encouragement given to her by fans always touched her heart in particular. After singing “Eternity”, Eun Fei expressed that she always expressed her gratitude to the fans. When she sang this song, she also thought of the people she was grateful for to sing.

The event also prepared a link to “rewrite personal profile”. En Fei laughed and said that when she was a child, she wanted to have a beautiful surname, but now she feels that the surname “Quan” is rare, and she feels like “I am very special”. , So she has become very fond of her surname now.

In the question “Express the feelings of Solo activities in five words”, she answered “Super nervous”, and the host asked her “But you said at the press conference that you slept well the night before?” I laughed and said that I slept well because I had a lot of work schedules (very tired).

When talking about her future goals, Eun Fei wrote “Win the champion of the music show…?” At this time, Eun Fei’s expression was a little shy, and she seemed a little worried about whether she was too impatient to write such a goal just after Solo debuted. She said shyly that she would work hard even if she didn’t win the championship, but the goal was the goal. She also mentioned that she spent a lot of time practicing for recording, and felt that she still had many shortcomings in the process of making the album. Fortunately, fans said “I like it very much” after the album was released.

At the end of the live broadcast, Eun Fei said before bringing the title song “Door” that the MV of the song borrowed the concept of “Alice in Wonderland”. In addition to the beautiful costumes, the performance of the dance group also brought the feeling of a musical. She also introduced the relationship between dance movements and lyrics, and explained that there are parts of the choreography that look like cat movements.

In the end, Eun Fei told everyone that on rainy days, you can listen to “Door” to change your mood, and hope to meet with you as soon as possible, and hope that everyone can cheer for her a lot before then. After the dress-up brought the title song “Door” to the stage performance, Eun Fei also waved to ask everyone to give her a lot of love for the Solo event, and thank the fans again.

En Fei also uploaded today’s photo on her official IG after the evening Showcase live broadcast (Click to see), write “2021.08.24 Solo debut day” as a souvenir.

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