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Condo ‘The Origin’ hit 200 million sales through Facebook Live.

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The real estate market park “Origin” penetrates the first condo, sweeping sales from “The Origin” over 200 million after leveraging the “Property Live” strategy to launch Gen Z condo units through LifeFa sbook

Mr. Abhisit Soonthornchukiat Co-Chief Executive Officer Origin Condominium Company Limited Developers of smart condominium projects under Origin Property Public Company Limited or ORI revealed that although the impact of the COVID-19 situation will result in the number of real estate project visits adjusted. Decrease from normal intervals

But the company can still generate new sales continuously. Recently, the company has expanded from the development of the online sales event platform Evenprop.com to the strategy of “Property Live”.Condominium brand The Origin (The Origin) Condominium brands penetrate the new generation market, especially the Gen Z group, 10 projects, 10 locations, combined withCampaign “The Origin 10 Big Surprise” Condo sales via Live Facebook, “Condo Life” list, with promotions, discounts, giveaways, free on the Origin Property fan page online marketing of the consumer products side.

from such a strategy The company received an excellent response. Only the first day of Live can close the sale during the Live immediately 22 rooms and there are 8 consecutive bookings from the first day of Live, resulting in the end.The Origin 10 Big Surprise campaign 10 days 10 projects The company can generate total sales from The Origin brand over 200 million baht.

“We used to believe that the consumer products side can use this online marketing strategy because small products, not high prices, and real estate still can’t. because the price is quite high Consumers still have to come and see the product with their own eyes. But now the world has changed. Some countries, such as China, live and sell condos are normal. In Thailand itself, the COVID-19 situation has become a catalyst for consumers to behave like New Normal and Next Normal in all aspects.

Especially the Gen Z group who grew up with technology. Today, Gen Z is ready to decide to buy a condo via Live without having to see the real thing. If the brand is reliable Clear product information This is why we are able to sweep the sales very high this time.” Mr Abhisit said

Mr. Abhisit said that the Property Live strategy has five main advantages, namely: 1. Convenience of accessibility. Consumers do not need to arrive at the project. You can decide to buy it. 2. Build relationships and participation Consumers will feel easier to reach the brand and have more engagement with the brand through activities during Live. 3. Build knowledge about the product. By being able to educate the target audience in large numbers at a time 4. Create new experiences Allowing consumers to experience a different way of buying condominiums and 5. Stimulating faster decision making through a limited-time promotion

Condo 'The Origin' hit 200 million sales through Facebook Live.
In this regard, the Company will consider organizing a limited-time promotion for selling via Live Live, along with other Next Normal marketing activities that the Company has previously carried out, such as organizing pre-sales activities through https://evenprop.com Distribution of sales channels and transactions through Lazada, Shopee, LINE Official Account to create both ease of access, relationship and good experience in purchasing products. as well as winning the hearts of Gen Y and Gen Z, which are the main target groups of The Origin brand.

As for Origin Condominium Co., Ltd., a company that develops smart condominium projects under Origin Property Public Company Limited’s subsidiary, the main brand under its supervision is The Origin. (The Origin) focuses on penetrating the new generation market. Especially the group who just started working (First Jobber) and the group who just bought the first condominium (First Condo Buyer), aged between 23-28 years, Origin Plug & Play (Origin Plug&Play), targeting the start-up group. Brixton for the niche market (Affordable Niche)

By the end of the second quarter of 2021, the smart condominium group project A total of 48 projects have been launched with a total value of approximately 42,500 million baht and have been well received by consumers. So many projects can be Sold Out 100% quickly.

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