Condolences to Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping… Deepest condolences on the death of Jiang Zemin

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sent condolences to Chinese President Xi Jinping on the death of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

In a condolence message sent on the 30th of last month, Chairman Kim said, “I received the sad news of the death of Comrade Kang Zemin (Jiang Zemin), and on behalf of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Assembly Government. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the entire Korean people and I, Comrade General Secretary and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, “We deeply sympathize with the government of the People’s Republic of China, the brotherly Chinese people and the bereaved families. the deceased,” he said. Korean Central News Agency on the 2nd.

Chairman Kim said, “Comrade Kang Zemin made dedicated efforts to strengthen and develop the Communist Party of China and the People’s Republic of China and the happiness of the Chinese people.

“Comrade Kang Taek-min fully supported and supported the socialist cause of our people and made active efforts to consolidate and develop the traditional friendship between North Korea and China,” he said.

“I hope that the Chinese Party, government and people will overcome the pain of defeat and achieve greater success in realizing the cause of socialist modernization under the leadership of Comrade General Secretary,” said Chairman Kim and comforted him .

In addition, the Korean Central News Agency reported that Chairman Kim sent a wreath to President Jiang Zemin’s funeral.

On the 1st, the North Korean ambassador to China presented a wreath to the International Liaison Department of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee with the words “In memory of Comrade Kang Zemin” written on it, the news agency reported.

There is a story where President Jiang Zemin, who died on the 30th of last month, met the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, in May 2000 and encouraged him to “promote the policy of economic opening. “

During a visit to Pyongyang in September 2001, President Zhang met with Kim Jong-il and said, “Inherit the tradition, aim for the future. Strengthen cooperation in a friendly good-neighborly relationship.” He said the ’16-character policy ‘.

The 16-party policy he declared became a principle that China’s top leaders, Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping, always emphasize at North Korea-China summits.

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