Home News Confession already! 72-year-old Luang Ta brutally murdered a monk at the same temple revenge was scolded

Confession already! 72-year-old Luang Ta brutally murdered a monk at the same temple revenge was scolded

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Confession already! 72-year-old Luang Ta brutally murdered a monk at the same temple revenge was scolded

A 72-year-old Luang Ta, who was suspected in the brutal murder of a monk at Wat Pa Phu Por, had 27 wounds, recently confessed to being the murderer of the same temple. Initially, the cause was caused by frequent quarrels. and the deceased often scolded about the division of food from the alms round. therefore bury resentment The officers are undergoing a thorough interrogation.

Progress of Phra Lun Sommat, 72 years old, Phra Wat Pa Phu Por, Na Tan Subdistrict, Tha Khan Tho District, Kalasin Province, was brutally murdered on the stone courtyard stairs, the entrance to the cloister inside the temple, where his head, face, arms and wrists were stolen by belongings. There were 27 sharp teeth. The villagers found the body in the morning of October 29, 2021, initially asking the monks at the temple together, claiming Saw two men coming to ask for a debt of Phra Lun 30,000 baht before the police tried to investigate the statue. because it was found to be a suspect After finding blood stains attached to the robe, shoulder bag and documents of this statue But initially referred to still denying it.

Most recently, at 8:30 a.m. on October 31, 2021, Pol Maj. Gen. Worawat Mali, acting for Kalasin Provincial Police Commissioner. Reveal the progress of the case that Latest from the invitation of Phra Korakot or Luang Ta Charan Senarit, 72 years old (formerly Charan but changed its name to Kornkot) The monks in Wat Pa Phu Por came for questioning. because he was the most suspect. After witnesses stated that before, the statue had frequent arguments and quarrels over the deceased monk. The back also found blood stains on the robe, shoulder bag, documents, the index finger and middle finger of the right hand have wounds. and is the one closest to the accident scene After investigators went to the area to search for news of continuous pressure and stress for more than 2 days, the latest monk has confessed to the murder of Phra Lun, 72, who lives in the same temple.

The news source reported that For that reason, initially caused by the two monks who came to ask to remember the temple in Wat Pa Phu Por. Later, after a period of time, the two monks were often quarrelsome. especially about the food division of the abbot and the monks giving alms because of the King cannot go out for alms therefore scolding and scolding each other to frequent quarrels Most of the monks will be criticized. thus causing resentment to cause such incidents On the day of the incident, around 5 am, Phra Lun woke up. In order to bring the robe to wash in the bathroom Before Phra Korakot secretly followed him, he used a knife to cut his head several times. Which Phra Lun tried to run away and fell down the stairs and shouted for help. Before bringing the spade in, chopping and hitting the head several more times until it was still.

However, it is currently under a thorough investigation into the causes and incidents of the investigators and hastened to collect additional evidence. In order to bring the perpetrators of the crimes in the next steps Initially, it is expected that the police will lead them to make plans tomorrow.
Mr. Boonlum Nuengmaccha, 55, said the villagers around the temple The temple had heard the shouts of help and went to see with the neighbors and the abbot. until he saw Phra Lun’s death Therefore, the officers were informed to come and check. which did not think there would be such a brutal killing

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