‘Confidence’ McGregor “Poier? Finish in one minute”

McGregor (Orn) and Poirier held a press conference. (Courtesy of UFC) © News1

UFC bad boy Conor McGregor (33, Ireland), who is about to come back, showed confidence that he will “win in one minute”.

McGregor will play a lightweight match against Dustin Poirier (34, USA, 26-6, 12KO) at the UFC 257 main event at Etihad Stadium in Yas Island, UAE on the 24th (Korean time).

At the official press conference on the 22nd, McGregor shouted, “I will win with TKO within one minute.”

“I will make a masterpiece,” he said, and “I am confident because I believe in my abilities, including the preparation process. McGregor, who has 22 wins and 4 losses (19 KOs) in 26 matches, has built a golden tower that simultaneously wins both featherweight and lightweight champions. In early June of last year, he suddenly announced his retirement, saying, “The game has become boring,” but he announced the news of his return five months later. For McGregor, it’s been a year since Donald Seroney (USA) defeated Donald Seroni (US) in the first round of 40 seconds TKO in January of last year.

Poirierion is also a return match. The two played a featherweight match in September 2014. McGregor, who won the TKO in 1 minute and 46 seconds in the first round at the time, later beat Joe Aldo (Brazil) to become a featherweight champion.

After losing at that time, Poirier changed his weight to light weight and became a top player. In April 2019, even Max Holloway (USA) solidified its position.

Unlike McGregor, who was full of confidence, Poirier was cautious. Regarding public opinion that he is outnumbered, he said, “I don’t care what people think. Seven years have passed since the first game, and in order to stay at the top of the light weight for a long time, we need to improve.”

McGregor’s overwhelming victory was predicted in the prediction of the fights of fellow fighters previously published by foreign martial arts media. While 25 fighters raised McGregor’s hand, 10 were predicting Poirier’s victory.

Meanwhile, McGregor said in an interview with the US ESPN that day, “I will play seven more games in the next 18 months.”

“We have a contract with UFC for four games. If you set a date, you can finish all four games within the first quarter of 2021.”

(Seoul = News 1)

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